TomTop One Day Snap Sale Brings Wonderful Across Various Products


TomTop has started a new promotional offers that brings exciting discounts on various kinds of tech products. The deal is called One Day Snap Sale that begins from 12 AM UTC.  The following images show what sort of discounts are available with the new promotional campaign from TomTop.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Temperature Sensor is a smart product from Xiaomi that is regularly selling for $16. However, the new promotion from TomTop reduces the price of this smart device to $8.99 only. This amazing device can sense temperature and humidity through in real-time its sensors. If the temperature or humidity is abnormal, it will automatically sound an alarm.

Tomtop One day Snap Sale 2

The QS QS5012 2CH micro infrared helicopter has a usual pricing of $19 on the Chinese retailer site. However, its price has been discounted to only $6.99.  It is miniature quadcopter that is equipped with high tenacity blade and streamlined body. It comes with a remote control for easily controlling the helicopter. Since it is small in size, it can be easily carried to any place and is perfect device for indoor and outdoor usage. It measures 8.2 x 2 x 5.5cm and weighs 13 grams.

Tomtop One day Snap Sale 2The Kingston class 10 microSD card with 16 GB storage is normally selling for $11.35. The new discounted price of the microSD card on TomTop is $6.69. It offers a reading speed of 48 MG/s. TomTop is also selling a USB 3.0 flash drive with a storage capacity of 16 GB for $6.99 over its usual pricing of $9.35 Both the storage products are available in multiple sizes such as 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.

TomTop’s One Day Snap Sale is a limited period offer. Hence, this could be the best time to get the desired gadgets at affordable price.


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