Top 10 Android Smartphones in June, 2017 From Antutu List


Today Antutu has released the top 10 list android smartphones, compared with previous months, the top list has changed a lot, due to Snapdragon 835 processor announcement. Previously Iphone 7 Plus has been in the top 1 list, right now Oneplus 5 has become the top 1, over 180,000 points according to its comprehensive performance.

Nubia Z17, HTC U11 has got second, third rank, their Antutu have over 170,000 points, after Oneplus 5. Besides, compared with top 3 Snapdragon 835 smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S8+ (G9550), Xiaomi MI6, Sony Xperia XZ Premium, Samsung Galaxy S8 (G9500) have also got top 10 list.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 and Oneplus 3T are also in top 10 list, but Iphone 7 plus average score has reduced, which is relative to iOS 10.3 update. In addition, Antutu has also collected the data about iOS and Android list, in IOS performance list, iPad Pro 10.5 inch is over iPhone 7 Plus, top 1 list, its Antutu test score has over 220,000 points, in the near future, it can’t be beaten, too.

In Android list, Oneplus 5 also has got top 1 list, in general, seven Snapdragon 835 smartphones all are in top 10 list, as for Oneplus 3T, Le Pro 3, Smartisan M1L, and ZUK Edge and other Snapdragon 821 smartphones have been out of top 10.  Therefore, it will be tendency that Snapdragon 821 and Snapdragon 820 smartphones will be not in the top 10 android smartphone list, but those Snapdragon 835 smartphones will become more and in top 10 list, stay tuned.



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