Top 10 Powerful Smartphone in April From Antutu


In April, there are more and more new smartphones coming, some are high-end ones, especially Snapdragon 835 smartphones. So what are top 10 powerful smartphone in China in April Market rank?

From the rank list, Xiaomi MI6 is the top one in Android smartphones, but compared with second rank, Oneplus 3T, they only have less than 10,000 points gap, in all smartphones, Xiaomi MI6 performance is close to iPhone 7, compared with iPhone 7 Plus, it also has about 10,000 points gap.

The Chart below is the average score of Antutu, not the highest score. The real test score will fluctuate, it is normal phenomenon, the data collected from April 1 to April 30, 2017, the single data is over 1000 about one single model.

In terms of April Antutu performance list, IPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 still has got the top 1 and top 2 rank, there is no change compared with the last list. But Xiaomi MI6 has been over Oneplus 3T, reaching the top 3, second to iPhone 7.

Besides overall performance list, we have compared iOS and Android phone separately.

In terms of IOS devices in April, there is no big change about the top rank, you can see the chart above.

But about Android smartphone top 10 list, Xiaomi MI6 ranks the first, then Oneplus 3t and Le Pro 3 as the second and third rank.

Xiaomi MI6 is powered by Snapdragon 835 processor, RAM 6GB, its score is over 170,000 points, which is the only Snapdragon 835 smartphone until now, Samsung Galaxy S8 has not started to sell now.

Besides Xiaomi MI6, Le Pro 3 Elite version is also the first time to get the top 8 rank. Meanwhile, Coolpad Cool S1, Smartisan M1/M1L, Oneplus 3, ZUK Edge and Xiaomi MI5S also have entered the top 10 list.

In general, compared with last rank list, there is no big change, we believe there will more and more Snapdragon 835 smartphones coming to change the top 10 rank list soon.


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