Top 10 Smartphones in Feb. 2017 From Antutu


MWC 2017 has ended successfully. There are a new big wave of smartphones coming. It’s good to know that the most Snapdragon 835 smartphones are finally coming. But we have to wait away from the official announcement. Currently, what are the most smartphones according their performance? Today Antutu releases Top 10 smartphones in Feb. 2017. Let’s see which one is your most powerful smartphone.

According to Antutu, the scores are all average points  not the highest score. It has difference from the rear antutu test score, which belongs to normal phenomenon. The rank data is collected from Feb.1 to Feb.28, 2017, one model data collects over 2,000 lists.

From the top list, iPhone 7 Plus still got rank first, iphone 7 and Oneplus 3T are top 2 and top 3 separately, same as last top 3 list. Of course, before Snapdragon 835 and Samsung Eynos 8895 processor smartphones come out, this kind of top 3 list will retain for a long time.

Because Apple has not released new phones, the performance of IOS list has no big change. Except IOS devices, in terms of Android smartphones, Oneplus 3T is still the most powerful smartphone in performance, but Le Pro 3 got the second rank, Smartisan M1L is the top 3 in terms of a little higher scores than that of ZUK Edge.

As for Smartisan M1 effective data not reaching the standard, it doesn’t have qualification on Top 10 list. And this time Xiaomi MI Note 2 is in top 10 list to get eighth rank. In addition, Oneplus 2, Xiaomi MI5s Plus, Xiaomi MI5S, Xiaomi MI5 and VIVO XPlay 6 also are in the top 10 list. Check chart above.


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