TOP 10 Web Development Blogs You Should Follow In 2019


Web design and development are evolving at rapid rates. Every day, there are new trends, ideas and innovations hitting the market. This is why experts and newbies alike have to keep up with emerging trends.

Though there are many web design experts with platforms to share and showcase their experiences, picking the ideal one is no easy task. This is why we have singled out the top ten website development blogs that you should follow.

Get the latest trends in web design

To get you started or grow to the next level, we have compiled a list of ten blogs where developers give tips, share their experiences, successes, and failures with readers.

Follow their tips to enhance your development journey or reach them via the site links at the end of each blog for more info on leading technologies used by industry leaders such as

  1. Smashing Magazine

This is a leading blog for web developers. The web development blog was founded by Sven Lennartz and Vitaly Friedman to provide developers with articles on coding, graphics, UX, and WordPress.

  1. Codrops

For web designers and front-end developers, this website development blog has great tutorials as well as code snippets. They also discuss general topics and help developers capture general topics to help you understand the evolution of web design.


  1. A List Apart

A List Apart is one of the top web blogs in the market today for articles covering diverse topics such as UX, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It is a great point to seek solutions for web development related challenges.

  1. Alex Sexton

In this blog, Alex Sexton covers topics mainly related to JavaScript in a simplified way for all to comprehend. The blog is also a great place to discover new trends in web design and web development stacks worth exploring in JavaScript related development.

  1. WebAppers

Are you new to web design or want to develop a web application? WebAppers blog by Ray Cheung is a great platform to help you get acquainted with emerging web development technology. It is especially good for developers interested in open-source resources.

  1. Specky Boy

If you want to know about the latest web development trends, this is a great option. The blog is published by Paul Andrew who has a special interest in emerging technologies especially front-end development.

  1. CSS Tricks

CSS Tricks is among the leading web development blogs in the niche today. It was designed in 2007 by Chris Coyier to cover topics on CSS. However, the topics have expanded over the years to include others such as PHP, JavaScript, and jQuery.

  1. London Academy of IT

The London Academy of IT Learning Blog is a great place to source for something new about web design and web development. They have a stock of well-designed tutorials and tips on website development related topics.

  1. Coding Horror

The Coding Horror is one of the top blog resources for web developers who want help with programming. It provides impressive insights into software engineering and tips. Whether you are new or has been in the web design for some time, this is one unique blog to help you march to success.

  1. John Resig

This is a blog designed and maintained by John Resig, the Dean of Computer at Khan Academy. The blog is a powerhouse for info on JavaScript, jQuery and technology stack for web development. You also have the chance to peep at the John Resig’s latest works on web development.



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