Top 10 Xiaomi Upcoming Products in 2017 You Need To Know


Compared with past two years, Xiaomi sale in 2016 is not so ideal, because of screen problem, Xiaomi has met the shortage of stock, and it doesn’t sell well as Huawei, VIVO, OPPO, and so on, although Xiaomi MI MIX and Xiaomi MI Note 2 have got a lot of attention for their design and performance. Therefore, Xiaomi should bring more sales in 2017, and make more breakthrough this year, what will come in 2017? Let’s talk about top 10 xiaomi upcoming products in 2017 you need to know before they officially release.

Top 1 Xiaomi MI MIX 2

Xiaomi MI MIX combines with full screen, ceramic design and other advanced technology, which has been unveiled at CES 2017, which become the most amazing Chinese smartphone. So we are more excepting the next generation version, Xiaomi MI MIX 2, which will continue to use full screen and ceramic design, and more excellent in its camera hardware. In screen size, it will narrow, and release more compact version, better for stock.

Top 2 Xiaomi MI Note 3

Xiaomi MI Note 2 as high-end smartphone has made most users amazed due to dual curved design, powerful performance and good craftsmanship. So the next model, what will expect on Xiaomi MI Note 3, which is more promising. According to practice, Xiaomi MI Note 3 will be released in next half year, powered by Snapdragon 835 processor, 2K dual curved screen, full pixels focus camera, waterproof, dustproof function, and the price should be at least 3,000 yuan, $500.

Top 3 Xiaomi MI6

Xiaomi has confirmed not to attend at MWC, and due to limited production of Snapdragon 835 processor, Xiaomi MI6 should be released until April, as for a classic smartphone of Xiaomi, Xiaomi 6 will provide three versions, including Helio X30 version, Snapdragon 835 version and dual curved screen and Snapdragon 835 version, Xiaomi MI6 three variants will all are equipped with 12MP camera with Sony IMX362 sensor, the top version will also have ceramic body, selling at least 1,999 yuan, $333.

Top 4 MIUI 9

MIUI as one of most popular OS in smartphones has updated to MIUI 8 OS, so MIUI 9 will attract more attention, which will simplify some operation, and it will focus on power consumption, combined with AI technology to make more readable OS. Considering MIUI 9 launching in November, 2016, it is estimated that it will release in the next half year.

Top 5 Pinecone Processor

In order to not limit by other processors, Xiaomi has been working on its own processor, Pinecone. It is said that this processor will be designed for 8 A53 architecture, 2.2GHz, Mali-T860 MP4 GPU, it adopts 28nm, focusing on mid-range market, so it will be first released on Xiaomi MI5C smartphone. But Xiaomi MI5C will come with 5.5 inch 1080P screen, RAM 3GB ROM 64GB Internal storage, equipped with 13MP back camera, it may be released in March.

Top 6 Xiaomi Air Purifier 3

Due to serious air pollution, PM2.5 affects everyone’s health, therefore, air purifier has become the hot product. Xiaomi Air Purifier 3 is more expecting due to high purification efficiency and favorable price. Right now about Xiaomi Air Purifier 3, we have no idea about its release date, but it will improve the air purification and more smarter. Stay tuned.

Top 7 Xiaomi White Home Appliance

Xiaomi wants to build a set of smart home appliance system, after releasing air purifier, mi cooker, water purifier, robot vacuum cleaner, they are exploring new fields, such as fridge, air condition, washing machine and other appliance. It is said that Xiaomi will release white home appliance in terms of Mijia, will it release air conditioner first?

Top 8 Xiaomi MI TV 5

Xiaomi TV has become the one of the most competitive TVes, after introducing more content, Xiaomi MI TV has large scale in resource, and at CES 2017, Xiaomi MI TV 4 has been released due to ultra-thin and fashionable design, simple UI, and AI content notification which are the highlights, Therefore, Xiaomi MI TV 5 will come with curved screen, 4K screen, and more black technology, stay tuned.

Top 9 Xiaomi MI Notebook 2

Xiaomi has entered into mi notebook market, aiming at competitive price and performance. According to supply chain, Xiaomi MI Notebook 2 is ready to produce until April. It will use ultra-light magnesium lithium alloy material with good thermal conductivity and conductive function, helpful to lighter design, as for its specs, it has not been unveiled now.

Top 10 Xiaomi MI Band 3

Xiaomi has released two generations of MI Band, especially Xiaomi MI Band 2 at 169 yuan, $20, equipped with OLED screen and heart rate sensor, over 20 days battery life. It’s said that Xiaomi MI Band 3 is estimated to be released in April. It will add phone call function with more versions,and the price should enhance to 199 yuan, $30.


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