Top 3 Best and Latest Vape kits for starters from Snowplus in 2023


Snowplus is a known maker of lightweight vape pods with stylish designs. Currently, the top 3 best and latest vape kits from Snowplus in 2023 consist of the Snowplus Pro, Snowplus Lite, and the Snowplus Pod S. These models of vape devices almost have the same design but they obviously have different price tags on the company’s official website.

Snowplus Pro

Now you can get the Snowplus Pro for an affordable price of $39.99 on the company’s official website. There are four ( 4 ) available color options to choose from and they are; Mineral Blue, Classic Black, Midnight Green, Red, and Neon. The Snowplus Pro delivers up to 99%+ flavor integrity with lightning-fast charging and long-lasting battery life. And with the dust-proof and water-resistant design, you get to experience that satisfying throat hit anywhere you go.

Inside the device, there is a powerful 450mAh battery that delivers optimized performance. In order o quickly charge the onboard battery, the Snowplus Pro adopts a USB Type- C charging interface. This vape pod also has a triple leak solution that offers up to 99% leak-free vaping experience.

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Snowplus Lite


The Snowplus Lite comes in five ( 5 ) attractive color options namely; Ocean Blue, Classic Black, Purple, Misty Grey, and Sakura Pink. The triple anti-leak solution helps vapers ensure up to 99% of all puffs are leak-free thereby providing the best vaping experience. Snowplus Lite pocket rocket vaping power is up to 500 puffs of battery life which means you can vape

On the design aspect, the Snowplus Lite adopts a durable, portable, lightweight, and sleek body design which makes it easier and ready for quick usage. It is an ideal vape device for your travels with a gross weight of 21g, the device can be stored in your pocket with enough so to be able to carry it wherever you are. With the presence of the onboard TruePower Tech, this vape device is able to deliver a stronger throat hit and it offers up to 99%+ flavor integrity.

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Snowplus Pod S


So far, the Snowplus Pod S is cost-efficient, you can get the pod for as low as $ 5.66 on the company’s official website. This pod comes with about eight ( 8 ) flavors and they include; Mixed Berry, Ice Cola,  Apple, Strawberry, Watermelon, Mint, Gin & Tonic, and Classic Tobacco. Vapers get a better puff with the upgraded mouthpiece design that perfectly fits on the lips. In addition, the Snowplus Pod S offers thicker vapor and optimized flavor as well.

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