Top 3 Best Box Mod Vape from Lost Vape- Review, Features, Specifications, Price


Lost vape is a popular maker of good vaping products and the brand’s top three ( 3 ) best Box Mods are likely the Centaurus Q200, Thelema Quest 200W, and obviously the Centaurus M200. These models of vape devices from Lost vape are gallantly built to sort your vaping desires with any popular flavor of your choice.

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When it comes to purchasing a vape device loaded with top-notch vaping features and high-end quality standards, you only need to buy any of the top Box Mods from Lost vape for a worthy price tag depending on which you prefer.

Lost vape Centaurus Q200

Features, Price

The Centaurus Q200 is one of the top vape devices from Lost vape that can be gotten on the company’s official website for a decent price. The Centaurus Q200 features the Quest series chip that helps to improve the power output stability and function. As a monster vape device, the Centaurus Q200 delivers up to 200 Watts of power from the dual 18650 battery it carries. With the available USB Type-C charging interface this device quickly charges the batteries in lesser time.

It will also interest you to know that the Centaurus Q200 comes with up to six ( 6 ) safety protection functions. These functions include; Low Resistance Protection, Atomizer Protection, Overheat Protection, Low Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, and Reverse Polarity.

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Lost vape Thelema Quest 200W

Top 3 Best Box Mods From Lost vape

Obviously, the Thelema Quest 200W is one of the best Box Mods from the vape manufacturer Lost vape. The price of this vape device is still affordable despite its features and high-end level. So far, the Thelema Quest 200W is one of the company’s devices to draw power from its equipped dual 18650 batteries that can be swiftly charged via the USB Type- C charging interface. On the design aspect, the Thelema Quest 200W adopts a transparent pod design which makes it appear more stylish and modern.

With dual batteries, this vape device is able to deliver a maximum of up to 200W output. This device features five ( 5 ) vaping modes which are; VPC Mode, Bypass Mode, Wattage Mode, Voltage Mode, and Temperature Control Mode. In addition, The Thelema Quest 200W has three ( 3 ) firing modes namely; Soft, Normal, and Hard. These modes are featured on this device in order to deliver the best vaping experience.

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Lost vape Centaurus M200

The body design of the Centaurus M200 is incredible, rugged, and exceptionally admirable. This Box Mod is equipped with innovative vaping features. Most professional vapers would appreciate the 3-in-1 jog dial control paired with a mechanic On / Off toggle switch to deliver an extraordinary vaping experience. With the design of the Lost vape Centaurus M200, the vape device is equipped with a dual 18650 mAh battery that is bent on offering vaper a longer vaping time and can be quickly charged via the USB Type- C charging interface position at the front of the device.

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