Top 3 Chuwi Budget Laptops For Students in 2022


The summer break is almost upon us, and it is time to unwind. E-learning is now a norm regardless of the phase of schooling or the discipline / major learning focus. When the new academic session begins and students head back to school, they will be in need of a suitable laptop that supports their learning.

Most students require efficient laptops that can help them do homework, research for their studies, create spreadsheets/presentations, create art, or even attend online lectures & webinars. Since most students cannot afford expensive laptops, it is vital that their choice of the laptop is a good value for money. It should be able to fulfill all their learning needs without making a dent in their already light wallet.

We have put together the ideal learning companions for students across different segments. Learn more about them below and book a suitable option well in time to acquaint yourself before classes begin.

Chuwi GemiBook:

The sleek GemiBook is a champion value-for-money laptop that can aptly fit all your daily productivity and entertainment needs. The vivid 2k resolution 13-inch IPS display is a treat to the eyes. The efficient intel Celeron J4115 processor keeps it cool & composed and the mega 12 GB RAM smoothly allows all your daily multitasking. And with the 256 GB of SSD flash storage, you will almost never run out of storage for any academic needs.  The premium all-metal machine weighs just 2.8 pounds with an ultra-portable design. It features dual-band high-speed wireless (WiFi) and will give you 8 hours of efficient performance on a single charge. If this was not enough to convince you, then the price surely will. The GemiBook costs just around USD 279 worldwide. That is an amazing value for any student, especially so for students in the engineering and visual arts disciplines.

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Chuwi HeroBook Pro:

If you are tight on budget but not willing to compromise on efficiency and productivity, then the HeroBook Pro may just be the right device for you. It is one of the lowest costing laptops in the market but not to be underestimated. Featuring a 14.1-inch glare-proof IPS display, the laptop is powered by the Intel Gemini Lake N4020 processor with 8 GB of RAM for smooth multitasking and 256 GB of SSD Flash storage for all your academic files.

It can last an amazing 9 hours on a single charge taking you through a complete day of learning. With minimal bezels, and a full-fledged & comfortable keyboard, the HeroBook Pro is also equipped with multi-Touch gestures to speed you through your daily assignments. Last but certainly a key deciding factor, the HeroBook Pro is available worldwide for a mind-boggling price of just USD 259. We’re confident this laptop wins an A+ from the student community.

HeroBook Air:

For most students, academic requirements are restricted to attending online classes; doing homework or presentations, and browsing the web for research. The super-portable and functional Chuwi HeroBook Air will fit comfortably to these needs and more importantly, to an economic budget. This ultra-slim notebook sports an 11.6-inch IPS LCD display clubbed with an Intel Celeron N4020 Dual-Core processor to deliver performance with ease. The silent no-fan no-noise cooling will ensure you are not disturbed during your study.

For when you need to unwind, you can watch 4k videos at 60 frames per second; with the integrated 9th Gen intel UHD Graphics card. Multi-task without any hiccups with 4 GB of RAM & 128 GB SSD Flash storage. Add in a full keyboard, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 9 hours of battery life to keep you connected & productive all through the day. All of this for USD 199 makes the Chuwi HeroBook Air an easy choice for students on a tight budget. Add in just USD 10 to upgrade to a touch screen version giving you a two-in-one tablet PC.

We are confident that the above options will cater to a wide variety of students worldwide. Visit the Chuwi Store to book your learning companion; add in quality accessories that will help you get the most out of your laptop.

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