Top 3 Most Popular Xiaomi Products in 2016, Do You Agree?


2016 just now passed, which was a special year for Xiaomi, because they not only release many creative products with black technology, but the eco line has been more improved. Recently, Xiaomi launched the event to recall the 2016 from Xiaomi MI5 to Xiaomi MI MIX smartphone, from MiJia brand to Xinnet bank, they have big events almost every month. In 2016, which event made you impressed most? Now the poll result has announced.

According to Xiaomi official Wechat, Weibo, Xiaomi community, MIUI community votes, the top 1 is Xiaomi MI MIX, top 2 is Xiaomi MI Note 2 and top 3 is Xiaomi MI5.

Xiaomi MI MIX concept smartphone won 37,727 votes on October 25, as the most controversial future smartphone, its full screen, all ceramic body amazed the whole world.

Xiaomi MI Note 2 has got 22,553 votes, which is the most beautiful dual curved martphone released on October 25.

In February, Xiaomi MI5 has been officially released which has got 20,672 votes, and its slogan is to research the black technology.

On May 10, MIUI 8 has been released, the globally Internet users have reached 0.2 billion, and it has got 18,996 votes.

In July, Xiaomi released the first notebook, Xiaomi MI Notebook Air 12.5, MI Notebook air 13, which have got 14,819 votes.

In December, Xiaomi launched its first bank, Xinnet bank to enjoy 14,733 votes.

On September 27, Xiaomi released the photographing smartphone, Xiaomi MI5S to get 14,026 votes.

On September 13, MI Pay support NFC payment and bus card payment.

In December, Xiaomi family sales shops have been over 50 to reach 11,728 votes.

On May 10, Xiaomi released Xiaomi MI MAX which is the first large screen smartphone to get 11,114 votes.

Therefore, they are all the big events for Xiaomi in 2016, do you agree this kind of votes? What’s your favorite smartphone in 2016?




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