Top 3 Rechargeable Disposables Vapes in 2023


Today we discuss about the Top 3 Rechargeable Disposables Vapes in 2023 which gives you around every feature with the latest price. so let’s check

FOF Punkor 5000

The FOF Punkor is not only extremely portable, highly efficient, and extremely small, but it also has a large capacity and a variety of flavors that have won awards, and you can enjoy up to 5000 puffs. The heating head in the integrated cartridge has a resistance of 1.2 Ohm, providing a coating that is pleasant to the touch and reminiscent of traditional cigarettes. 2 milliliters of nicotine salt-based e-liquid with a 12-milligram nicotine concentration come pre-filled in the cartridge. Nicotine salt is entirely natural because it is made from tobacco leaves. Nicotine salt is more quickly absorbed into the bloodstream than traditional nicotine, resulting in a quicker feeling of nicotine saturation. In addition, it scratches the throat significantly less than standard e-liquids, allowing for higher nicotine concentrations.

Top 3 Rechargeable Disposables Vapes in 2023

FOF VIP 5500

FoF VIP 5500  A 1.2-ohm mesh coil is housed inside the pod, and the 13ml e-liquid tank has a fairly substantial capacity. Until now, the Nebula vape pod has relied on its internal 650mAh battery, which is quickly charged through the USB Type-C charging interface. Since the battery can be fully charged in one hour, users no longer have to worry about throwing away any e-liquid that remains.

Top 3 Rechargeable Disposables Vapes in 2023

FOF X-Space 4000 vape

The most recent model of the FOF brand, which is well-known for its disposable pods, is the 3 FOF VAPOR X-Space Disposable Pod. The e-liquid that comes with it is unquestionably a salt-nicotine solution that can be used with pods. comes with two nicotine concentration levels that can be chosen from 20 mg. Keep pumping 50 milligrams. or 5% is suitable for users who prefer full-on, tight nicotine. You can choose based on your requirements. Up to 12 milliliters are in each level. It is a lot. However, enough to explain the need for this electronic cigarette. It can be charged, holds up to 12 milliliters of e-liquid, and it can also smoke 4000 words.

Top 3 Rechargeable Disposables Vapes in 2023

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