Top 4 Cheapest Smartphone with High-End Performance in 2023


Mobile phones are being updated very fast, and many new products are released every year. Due to the serious internal volume, manufacturers will offer discounts and lower prices after a period of time in order to increase sales, and some mobile phones even have a drop of more than 1,000 yuan, $150.

When just launched to buy high-end mobile phones will be more expensive, but when faced with a large price reduction, it will be cost-effective to buy, below to share with you 4 “diving” mobile phones, the price is relatively large, with “high-end” configuration, now is the right time to buy, take a look.

Top 1 :   Honor Magic3 Pro
Reference price: 3399 yuan, $507 — 8G+256G.

Basic configuration: Snapdragon 888+ processor, 6.76-inch OLED slotted curved screen, support up to 120Hz refresh rate, built-in 4600mAh battery, support up to 66 wired fast charge +50w wireless charging, front dual camera, rear four camera, with 50 million pixel SONY IMX766 main camera, body weight 213g.

Mobile phone highlights: 89° super curved screen appearance level is high, powerful performance, first-class image level, support IP68 dust and waterproof.

Although Honor Magic3 Pro is an old flagship, the configuration is still very durable, the performance and endurance are very strong, the screen quality is also very high, the visual experience is strong, the rear cover of the body adopts the Muse eye design, the appearance of the atmosphere and class.

This mobile phone is right to buy now, has entered the clearance stage, the first time to more than five thousand, now three thousand can win, or relatively cost-effective, buy absolutely no loss.

Top 2: iQOO Neo 7
Reference price: 2699 yuan,  $402 — 8G+256G.

Basic configuration: Dimensity 9000+ processor, 6.78-inch OLED medium hole flexible straight screen, support up to 120Hz refresh rate, built-in 5000mAh battery, support up to 120w fast charge, rear three-lens, with 50 million pixel SONY IMX766v optical anti-shake master camera, body weight 202g.

Mobile phone highlights: dual-core performance flagship, large size flexible straight screen, strong battery life fast charging, excellent gaming experience.

iQOO Neo7 is released to now less than half a year, there are also discounts, 256G large memory straight down 300 yuan, originally is a cost-effective mobile phone, now more cost-effective.

The configuration of this mobile phone is excellent in all aspects, such as performance, screen, battery life and photography, all of which are impeccable. Besides, the smoothness of daily use is also very high, and it is very interesting to play games. Other necessary configurations are available, so it is relatively cost-effective to buy this mobile phone.

Top 3: OPPO Find X5
Reference price: 2999 yuan, $447 — 8G+128G.

Basic configuration: Snapdragon 888 processor, 6.55-inch OLED bore curved screen, support up to 120Hz refresh rate, built-in 4800mAh battery, support up to 80w super flash charge +30w wireless charging, front 32 million pixel main camera, rear three camera, with 50 million pixel SONY IMX766 optical anti-shake main camera, body weight 196g.

Phone highlights: Mariana image chip, Hasselblad image system, high brush smooth screen, 80w super flash charge.

OPPO Find X5 has excellent performance in image, not only the Mariana image chip, but also Hasselblad image system, whether it is a selfie or normal photo, good results.

The comprehensive configuration of this mobile phone is very comprehensive, strong performance, strong battery life, high screen quality, as well as excellent appearance and texture, the overhand experience is very strong, currently there is also a substantial price, very suitable for friends who like to take photos.

Top 4:  MOTOROLA moto edge S30
Reference price: RMB 2,199, $328 — 12GB+512GB.

Basic configuration: Snapdragon 888 plus processor, 6.78-inch LCD center aperture front screen, support up to 144Hz refresh rate, 5000mAh battery +33w fast charge, rear three-lens, with 108 million pixel main camera, body weight 202g.

Mobile phone highlights: High performance, 144Hz high brush esports screen, 100 million pixel outsole rear main camera.

MOTOROLA moto edge S30 is a powerful device with a price tag in the low 2000s, $300 and 12GB+512 gigabytes of memory, which is almost impossible to find in so many popular phones these days.

The phone has excellent performance, Snapdragon 888+ processor, LPDDR5+UFS31 storage specifications, can play all kinds of large games, the screen is a smooth 144Hz high screen, the picture effect is also very good, and the 100 million pixel rear camera, the picture is very clear, the configuration is strong, the price is affordable, well worth buying.

The above 4 mobile phones have been greatly reduced, it is a good deal to buy now, can enjoy the high-end configuration at an inexpensive price, which one do you prefer? Welcome to leave a message.


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