Top 4 Most Competitive Mid-Range Smartphone in May


Basically, every mobile phone manufacturer has launched products at different price points to maximize the recognition of consumers and seize market share. The current mobile phone market is cost-effective. The products are really too many. Many consumers feel that there is too much selectivity and they are dizzy, and friends who want to buy a mid-range budget phone in May must not miss the following 4 models! Beautifully designed, strong performance, the key is the price is very conscience!

Realme X

Realme X is a very high-end mobile phone, and it is also the most cost-effective mobile phone for oppo. The design of the pop-up front camera solves the problem of high screen ratio of the mobile phone to the utmost extent. The textured glass body is noble and elegant, and the value of the face is very high. The realme of the hardware is rare and valuable to use the processor of the Snapdragon 710. , 48MP rear main cameras, screen fingerprint unlocking experience, etc., is the best mobile phone at the Mid-range, but mass production is estimated to be a problem because it is really popular!

Honor 20i

Honor 20i adopts the mainstream comprehensive screen design process, the water drop screen combined with the rear fingerprint recognition, AI three camera, in general, the appearance of this phone is also difficult for consumers to pick out the problem, it is really beautiful, Kirin 710 Processor, exclusive game optimization can be said to have been affirmed by most users, now Honor 20i achieved the spot, the price is still very good, for the market positioning of the Mid-range phone is indeed quite worthwhile products.

Redmi Note 7 Pro

Most of the consumers were dissatisfied with the Redmi Note 7 pro phone some time ago, not because the design is not strong, not because of the price/performance ratio, there is no spot, and the biggest pain point is not to buy, but now this phone has Achieved the spot, Corning Gorilla double-sided glass, gradient color back shell, and the processor of the Xiaolong 675, 48 million rear main cameras, the price is definitely very capable of playing thousands of flagship mobile phones, like friends directly start Oh!

Meizu Note 9

Meizu Note 9 adopts the design of the water drop screen, the unique screen packaging technology, achieves a high screen ratio, combined with the fresh and simple optimization of the Flyme system, the user experience can not be reduced, of course, hardware The mobile phone uses the processor of the Snapdragon 675 and the 48 million Sony main camera. In general, this is a mobile phone that is fully comparable to Redmi’s cost-effective mobile phone. Meizu Note 9 people feel more simple and generous, combined with practical gesture interaction. It is a Mid-range phone that is one of the best in the world. If you have a budget, and you have a dependence on the Meizu system, then Meizu Note 9 is definitely your best choice.


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