Top-5 Apps for Leisure


Smartphones follow us everywhere from awakening to sleep. Of course, they are mostly for serious daily tasks, but why not use them for a bit of entertainment in your spare time? For this purpose, read this compilation of best apps for consuming content!


Hulu app is one of the most downloaded streaming services for desktops and mobile and stands after Netflix. Both services provide movies and TV-shows, but Hulu subscription is cheaper. If you are a fan of shows by such networks as ABC, NBC, and FOX, this app is definitely a must-have.

You can also buy add-ons to watch series by HBO, Hallmark, Cinemax, Showtime, PBS kids, Acorn and multiple other options priced from $4.99 to $15.99. If you seek good exclusives, Hulu has some phenomenally popular shows. South Park by Comedy Central, Seinfeld, Fardo, and even Rick and Morty. It can’t beat Netflix with quantity but gained a huge fan base due to unique contents and reasonable pricing.


This application is made by one of the biggest satellite TV providers, so the first reason to have it is the quantity of HD and Full-HD channels. Many viewers don’t have time to catch their favorite shows, and it’s not a problem anymore, because DIRECTV allows you to record streams automatically. Just choose a channel and set time of recording to access videos offline later.

Another killer feature is “Watch DVR”. It allows you to connect to your home DVR set and watch recorded video anywhere you go. What is more, you can use this app to have remote access to any receivers which are connected to your wi-fi network. So, this solution is very versatile, and it will come in handy to those people who don’t want to throw their satellites and DVRs away. Mixed with modest pricing and a variety of TV-shows and series it’s a must-have.


Netflix has one of the biggest libraries of exclusive content among competitors, and it’s a good justification for subscription pricing that is one of the most expensive on the market. Anyone, who has web account may use the application without any additional fees, so it’s certainly worth downloading.

Performance and streaming quality have nothing to complain about. Decoding algorithms are very advanced and don’t lag behind YouTube. You can choose the quality of compression to save mobile data on the go.

In addition to these features, the basic subscription includes unlimited TV channel streams. However, the biggest benefit is still “Netflix Originals”.

At we understand, that watching requires constant visual attention, so the next 2 choices are for those whose leisure includes sports and household chores.


Music streaming services become more and more popular because they make background audition completely hands free. Spotify’s machine learning features analyze user’s choices to mix mostly preferable tracks. You can add your favorite tracks to playlists or choose from thousands of user-created streams. They are all diversified by artists and genres.

Spotify also has a social slant, so you can find your friends’ accounts to know their tastes better. In case you have a certain mood that correlates with a certain track, then switch the “radio” button. It will create a stream with tracks which sound as close to a chosen original as possible.

Google Podcasts

This solution is great for those who want to learn something new by listening. Podcasts allow you to get any radio stream records or listen to unique pieces by opinion leaders from all over the world.

At I tested Apple Podcasts, as they are the most advanced in this sphere, but I didn’t find any contents which are unique, so it’s a perfect podcast solution for Android users.

The good thing is that you can really educate yourself in a variety of topics from physics to fashion listening to people you know and respect. In addition to that, podcasts are totally free!

This bunch of applications may provide you with a great holiday on the sofa and favorite series or make any long journey less dull! Choose best for your needs and spend every spare minute with beneficial entertainment!


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