Top 5 Best and Cheapest 4K Waterproof Sports/Action Camera Review with Coupon


Action cameras have become the necessary devices for users to do outdoor sports, such as climbing the Mountain, diving, swimming, etc. But do you know what kind of action cameras are good for purchasing with cost-effective feature. Today we will introduce the top 5 best and cheapest 4K waterproof action camera from camfere, the professional website only focusing on the action cameras, gimbal, and relative accessories.


Top 1  Andoer C5 Pro  

Andoer C5 Pro has 2 inch LCD screen for showing real-time photographing, and display the photos effectively. It is powered by  Ambarella A12S75 chipset and Sony IMX117 image sensor, 16MP image, which can bring the high definition photos to record every moment in your life. It is built in 900mAh battery, HDMI output, Wifi, and 170 Degree Wide-angle Lens to nice video quality recording, of course, it can support 4K video recording. Right now you can enjoy coupon code: ANDOERC5 at $112.99 , ending until December 31. Just cheer for Christmas festival.


Top 2   SJCAM SJ5000X  

SJCAM SJ5000X also has 2 inch LCD screen, powered by Novatek NTK 96660 chipset, built-in Gyro Stabilizer Sensor, as for design, it has  6 * 4 * 2.5cm size, 70g weight, 170 degree A+ full HD wide angle and built in 900mAh battery, it supports 4K @ 24fps ,720P @ 120fps / 720P @ 60fps / 720P @ 30fps video recording, 30m waterproof by its relative waterproof case. You can connect it with other android devices by WIFI, of course, it can be used as a PC camera, it is very flexible to operate, the reason that SJCAM SJ5000X is more expensive is the processor and the new function, Gyro Stabilizer. Right now you can use coupon code: IGEEK5 to enjoy it at 110.10USD. After 13th, you can use the coupon: SJ5000X7OFF instead, in order to get 7% OFF. This coupon is valid till the end of the year, meaning till December 31st.

Top 3 Andoer 4K 30fps/1080P 16MP Action Camera  

Andoer 4K 30fps/1080P Action camera also has 2 inch TFT Rear display, 0.66 inch front TN LCD display, it is powered by Allwinner V3 processor, coming with Sony IMX179 16MP camera with FNO2.4, FOV170 Wide-angle. It can rotate in 180 degrees, operating Linux system, built in 900mAh Li-ion Battery, as for features, it supports 4K 30fps 1080P 60fps dynamic shootings, you can use waterproof case to support 30 meters waterproof. Of course, it can support time lapse, loop recording to treat it as PC camera, home security device, etc.You can use HDMI output for high-quality video transmission. Please don’t forget to use coupon code: IGEEK5 to catch one at $55.09.

Top 4 AMKOV AMK5000S   

AMKOV AMK5000S comes with a TN-LCD display, it is different from other action cameras, because it has 20MP CMOS sensor and 170°A+ HD wide-angle lens which can take video at full 1080p resolution at 30fps. It can support expanding to 64GB by inserting a Micro SD card and  FHD(1920 * 1080 30fps) and HD video recording, you can also use waterproof case for up to 30 meters waterproofing. The design is also different from others with humanized  indicator lights at four sides and convection holes for heat dissipation. More importantly, if the camera doesn’t operate in 3 minutes, it will be off display automatically. You can use Coupon code: IGEEK5 to catch one at  60.79usd.

Top 5 Andoer 2 Inch Wifi FPV 16MP Action Camera 

Andoer 2 Inch Wifi FPV 16MP Action Camera is one of the cheapest Andoer action camera with good performance, it also has 2 inch LCD screen, coming with 16Mega Pixels CMOS Sensor, and 170°wide-angle, fish-eye lens to take high definition video. You can also use wifi to connect your mobile to check the video real time. It also has the common feature that supports 30m waterproof by waterproof housing. You can also buy a backup for a battery removable. Don’t forget to use coupon code: IGEEK5 at  47.49usd.


Therefore, according to brief introduction about top 5 latest and best waterproof action cameras, we highly recommend  Andoer C5 Pro , because you can enjoy the biggest coupon code: ANDOERC5 at $112.99 , ending until December 31, now Christmas is coming, have you prepared nice gifts for your family?


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