Top 5 best mobile games of all time 2020


If you are looking for the best mobile games then you are at the right place. As you know that there are hundreds of mobile games present on the play store and iTunes but you can’t pick the best out of them by going through each and every game. And that is why we have prepared a comprehensive list of best mobile games that you can find. We have also listed best games for windows 10 laptop at techiwar. You can go to the site and check there.

  1. PUBG mobile

Do we even need to tell you that pubg is the best mobile game that you can find these days! We know most of you must have heard about it or even have played this but for those who haven’t played it, we can surely say that this game surely deserves all the hype it’s getting these days.

Players’ unknown battlegrounds mobile will need you to do just one thing and that kills anyone you can spot before they kill you. There are so many things that you will like in this game, from it’s gameplay to its weapons all are amazingly good. Although you might wanna work on your controls at first but after you will used to it, it’s gonna be the best game you have played on mobile!

  1. Horizon chase

Racing games are always fun to play and one such racing game that we have picked for you is Horizon Chase. It’s one of the best racing game for mobile. You will love its soundtrack and effects that will make you wanna play it more and more.

You will experience many challenges as you progress in the game and each one will be harder than the previous one. The levels are set in 40 different cities and you will love the way they have presented the racing tracks and lots of cars. There are a total of ten trophies that you can fight for. So if you like racing game then this might be the best mobile game for you!

  1. Dragon ball legends

Dragon ball legends is undoubtedly one of the classic game we have and it’s among the best mobile games too. You can now take control of your favorite character and play. It’s amazing how they have given us high quality and 3D scenarios.

The controls are pretty great and you will love the graphics too. If you wanna beat the game you will have to go power up your character’s abilities and crush the competition. Overall you are definitely gonna enjoy this epic game and that is why it deserves a place in the list of best mobile games.

  1. Call of duty: Mobile

Call of duty is undoubtedly the best game that you can find and what’s more amazing is this game is now available for smartphones too. This is a shooter/action game that has gained massive popularity within a small period of time. The game allows you to play with other players on its multiplayer mode. You will definitely love its many features,  including maps and some interesting characters from other call of duty games.

You will get your achievements in the game by winning trophies or getting ranked in the leaderboard. Its gameplay is fast and satisfying and you will definitely love its graphics. For action lovers, this is unarguably the best mobile game!

  1. Madden NFL mobile football

If you like sports game then this one is our top pick for the best mobile game! It is one of the best NFL game that you can find for mobile. You can customize your team and guide your team to NFL glory. The controls are super awesome and you can play it for hours without getting tired.

So these were our top picks for the best mobile game. Get all new updates about games at techiwar. And Choose your favorite game and you won’t be disappointed!


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