Top 5 Flagship Smartphones Coming in 2017, Which One Are You Expecting More?


In 2017, there will be more fierce competition in smartphone line. Different kinds of smartphone manufacturers hasn’t released the flagship in 2017, but we believe the first batch of flagships in 2017 should be Xiaomi MI6, Samsung Galaxy S8, Meizu Pro 7 and Huawei P10  which are released in March, or May, and iPhone 8 released in September. Besides these flagships, there will be Sony concept smartphone coming out in this year. Let’s see the next coming top 5 smartphones, which one do you expect most?

Xiaomi MI6

Without any doubt, Xiaomi mi6 will hit the market as the first flagship smartphone this year. According to latest news, Xiaomi MI6 will have three versions, it will have 2D curved screen, powered by Helio X30 RAM 4GB processor, Snapdragon 835 RAM 4GB and top version with dual curved screen, powered by Snapdragon 835, RAM 6GB, and the top version of Xiaomi MI6 may be all ceramic design with similar screen to body ratio to Xiaomi MI MIX.

Samsung Galaxy S8

For Samsung, 2016 is a bad and sad year because of Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion. But it doesn’t stop Samsung to release the new flagship. Right now there is much news about Samsung Galaxy S8, and its real photos have been unveiled. We can confirm that Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the first one to be powered by Snapdragon 835 processor with powerful specs, and it will have ultra high screen to body ratio, and the Home button has been cancelled, the fingerprint scanner will be put on the back.

Huawei P10

Huawei P10 will still use Leica dual rear camera, coming with 5.5 inch screen, ditching the virtual buttons, it will be powered by Kirin 960 processor, RAM 6GB ROM 256GB internal storage, according to indoor news, it will have big change in design, which will be the front-facing fingerprint scanner. Most importantly, it will use AI technology.

Iphone 8

It is said that iPhone 8 will use new OLED screen instead of old LCD screen, and it will ditch the physical Home Button, built in the display, it will support Touch ID. Iphone 8 will not use metal body but dual glass panel and mid metal frame. It is similar to iPhone 4, and remove the home button without the frame on the both sides of screen.

Meizu Pro 7

According to previous news, Meizu Pro 7 will be simple in design, on the front design, it only has a large screen left, it will have 5.62 inch Super AMOLED screen with 2160×1080 resolution, and the front camera will use hidden design, the fingerprint scanner will be integrated in the inner screen. As you know Meizu has restarted to cooperate with Qualcomm, so they will use Snapdragon flagship processor for the new flagship. And the price will be also higher than others. Just wait and see.

Therefore, we believe Xiaomi MI6, Samsung Galaxy S8, Huawei P10, Meizu Pro 7 and Iphone 8 will not let you down in 2017, of course, in terms of cost effectiveness, Xiaomi MI6 ,Meizu Pro 7 and Huawei P10 will be more worthwhile to have a try, what do you think?


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