Top 5 Perks Of Obtaining CompTIA Security+ Certification


According to the latest estimates, cybersecurity is becoming a growing concern around the world as the number and frequency of security threats are increasing. Therefore, employers prefer to work with specialists who have an official certification that validates their confident ability to perform core security functions. For this reason, the 220-1001 is such a popular certificate that is well-reputed in the IT industry as it helps individuals kick start their successful careers in IT security.

Thus, if you have been wondering whether the CompTIA Security+ certification is right for you, the following article will help you make a more confident decision.

Perk 1: Add To Your Resume One Of The Most Respected Qualifications In The Digital World

You should know that the 220-1002 accreditation is a valuable addition to the CV because it is accepted by employers around the globe. Moreover, specialists will be awarded a digital certificate which can be shared in their professional networks and on social media.

Perk 2: Gain Knowledge That Is Vendor-Neutral

One of the biggest advantages of the CompTIA Security+ certification track is that it is vendor-neutral. Most security accreditations in the market focus only on one particular vendor solution. Therefore, with the CompTIA Security+, applicants will be knowledgeable in a range of different security solutions and technologies. This makes this qualification more attractive to employers when compared with others.

Perk 3: Enter The IT Security Workforce With Higher Salaries

The SY0-601 will help individuals secure their first job. That’s because it is a foundational qualification that ensures its holders have the skills and knowledge required to function in a competitive, fast-paced environment. As a result, the Security+ certified specialists have been employed in a variety of different companies including Netflix, Target, Johns Hopkins University, and Splunk.

At the same time, a Security+ certified entry-level employee makes close to around 59,009 USD per annum according to ZipRecruiter. Still, as per the Payscale website, these figures differ a bit, thus, the security certified specialists can earn from $49,000 to $122,000. And per annum, their average salary is N10-007 . If you are a newcomer, some of the entry-level positions you can apply for include security administrator, systems administrator, security engineer, and network engineer.

Perk 4: Gain Access To An International Community Of Security Specialists

CompTIA proudly boasts of over 2 million certified professionals around the world. Thus, by gaining the CompTIA Security+ certificate, its owners have the great opportunity to connect with other CompTIA-certified professionals to exchange ideas and experience. So it will help to always stay up to date on the latest developments in security technology and immediately learn about current job openings.

Perk 5: Unlock Opportunities For Future Professional Development

Obtaining the CompTIA Security+ certification is only the beginning of an adventurous career journey. Certified specialists can gradually attempt to obtain the other CompTIA qualifications and follow the Cybersecurity pathway leading to the SY0-501 and PenTest+ certifications. So, individuals have the benefit of progressing at their own pace and becoming security experts.


As you realize, the CompTIA Security+ is a highly sought-after certification providing numerous benefits to individuals. Especially when the cybersecurity industry is expected to grow significantly leading to several new job opportunities. Hence, this certificate can be your key to a lucrative career in the IT security. Put aside your doubts and register. Everything is in your hands!


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