Top 5 Smartphones For College Professors


A college professor requires a phone for communication, just like every other person. However, he or she has responsibilities that will require investment in a phone with more advanced features. If you are looking for a cheap finance essay writer, ensure that it is the best quality paper to safeguard your grades in school.

A college professor must think of a phone beyond messaging and phone calls. He or she is involved in research and will be handling assignments sent by students. Investing in a good phone enables the professor to enjoy a mobile work station.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S Series

The phone stands out because of the technology used in manufacture. It allows you to run numerous apps without overheating or slowing down. The clarity of images and graphics is also an attractive feature. The phone has an incredibly wide screen that will enable you to view details of documents and other materials you are handling. The small size does not sacrifice the features it offers to users.

The price is reasonable and comes with admirable security features. It was ranked the best android phone in 2018 and is yet to be dethroned by any other phone in the market. It comes in multiple colors to suit individual preferences. This is an incredible gadget for any college professor to consider.

  1. iPhone 11 Pro

The phone sits pretty at the top of all iPhone gadgets. It is a glitzier option of the iPhone but befitting the hard work and needs of every college professor. If you love camera work, you have three cameras to choose from at the back. It would be the perfect gadget whenever you go to the field for some data collection. The screen display is clear and bright to suit the needs of any professor.

The most distinctive feature is a camera system that guarantees the best photos. To do away with the annoying battery issues, the company has provided a quick charger in the box. At slightly above 1000 dollars, you have the best value for money for a college professor.

  1. OnePlus Pro

The Smartphone industry is one of the most competitive. Few brands have managed to innovate in the field and successfully beaten the existing competition. However, OnePlus Pro sits at the top of the pile. It has beaten competition by providing the best display possible. Performance, when dealing with multiple apps, is also commendable.

OnePlus Pro has offered an incredible battery life with a fast-improving camera quality. The Oxygen OS user experience is making the phone a choice of many. A reasonable price of just $650 means that you will be enjoying one of the best values for money offers in the market.

  1. Google Pixel 3a

The phone is a low barrier entry for professors looking for a bargain. The price makes the Google Pixel 3a a choice for many. It is priced below 1,000 dollars.

The camera quality is remarkable with a fantastic display for images and videos. A headphone jack is also provided, unlike peers in the category. The size is also fantastic for a busy professor who does not want to deal with large gadgets in his pocket. A USB-C port and 4GB ram make the phone a desirable choice for many professors.

  1. Xiomi Mi 9

This is one of the 5 star rated phones in the market. It rivals such phones as the Galaxy S series, Huawei, and Apple with its magnificent display. You will enjoy one of the most versatile camera experiences for a phone of its class.

The screen is also an excellent display for any phone in the market. This is a gadget that will deliver excellent value for money with a price range of $500. The weight and size allow a professor to keep his or her busy schedule without tagging a load along.

A college professor should consider other features like the availability of apps and the size of a phone. After evaluating all the features offered, it should be an issue of value for money. You might need a hardy phone that will allow you to move around the campus and deal with students without excess caution.


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