Top 6 Tracking Apps for iOS and Android


If you placed an order in your favorite online store and can’t wait for it to come or simply want to keep an eye on your package, this article might come in handy. Here we will talk about some of the top package tracker app options for iOS and Android. According to statistics and user reviews, these are the top 6 apps for tracking your packages: 

  • ParcelTrack;
  • Deliveries;
  • 17Track;
  • AfterShip;
  • TrackChecker. 

This is an excellent parcel tracking app that provides accurate and comprehensive information on both international and local shipments for more than 700 carriers such as USPS, DHL, and more. The app also offers live package tracking. It supports automated tracking number search and import from prominent e-commerce sites such as Amazon and eBay. 


ParcelTrack is another great app for tracking your packages. It features an understandable user interface. You can locate a variety of delivery firms, such as UPS and others, on the app. You can also view details about your package from a number of devices. It also has a feature that lets you monitor your delivery vehicle through GPS and receive notifications when your delivery arrives at a specific spot on the map. 


Deliveries is another amazing app with an excellent user interface. UPS, FedEx, and a few more companies are among the carriers featured on the app. The app also automatically adds delivery dates for your packages to your calendar. One disadvantage of this app is that you cannot share your tracking information with others unless they also use it. 


This app has lately gained popularity and become one of the most downloaded apps for parcel tracking. Here, you can find up to 220 shipping companies, and you can track bulk orders from numerous carriers at the same time. The 17Track app also supports several languages and includes a translation widget. 


This is another app that helps you efficiently track your packages. AfterShip extracts the delivery details of packages automatically while giving you live updates on your packages. You can also check the contact details of your carrier company. Also, there are about 400 international carrier companies supported by the app. 


This is another great app for tracking packages on your iOS or Android device. There are roughly 500 postal services on the app, and it is available in roughly 200 countries. TrackChecker is very easy to use, and it leaves room for customization. You even have the option to calculate and estimate the delivery date for your package.

To Wrap It Up

These options are all great apps for tracking your packages, and they are all available for free. Meanwhile, several of them offer subscription services to give you access to some premium features, and some only include in-app purchases. Either way, it’s up to you to choose which one you want to use. Have you used any of the applications mentioned in the article? Please tell us about the ones you’ve used for tracking in the comments section below.


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