Top 7 Internet Service Providers in the United States


Internet has become a major part of our lives that has made us highly dependent on the world wide web by keeping us in touch with the online world and making our daily tasks easier. When it comes to finding a high speed and reliable internet connection, there are plenty of choices. Every internet service provider claims to provide reliability and great speeds. Then there are the ones that have been in the telecom industry for a long time and are continuously evolving with technology. They have wide coverage and are never disappointed in providing quality services. Let us discuss those top seven internet service providers in the United States, which never failed to serve.

Comcast Xfinity

Who is not familiar with Comcast? A list like this cannot dare to be developed without having Comcast within it. Comcast Xfinity is offering cable internet service across 40 states in the USA and is serving around 110 million people. It certainly will not be wrong to say that Xfinity is the largest cable broadband provider in the USA with respect to the coverage area. Comcast Xfinity offers a wide range of internet plans with speeds varying from 10 Mbps to 2 Gigabits per second. Their internet plan starts from $29.99 offering 75 Mbps downloading speed. However, bundle deals start from $39.99 per month.

AT&T Internet

AT&T (formerly AT&T U-verse) is another big name in the telecom industry. It has a strong footprint in 22 states of the USA. The best thing about AT&T is, it does not only provide DSL broadband internet service but also provide fiber internet service. Their plans start from $40 per month coupled with 40 Mbps speed. However, one can also get unlimited data packages by paying an additional $30 per month. Or can avail bundle offer to avail unlimited data?

AT&T Fiber provides the most amazing speeds of up to 1 Gbps. Fiber optic internet packages start from $80 per month.

Charter Spectrum

Charter Spectrum is also a major telecommunication company providing cable broadband and fiber internet, cable TV, and phone services. After acquiring Time Warner Cable and Bright House Network back in 2016, Spectrum’s cable network reach was greatly expanded. According to the number of subscribers, Charter Spectrum now is the second-largest Cable operator in the United States. The company offers various internet plans to suit the needs of every household in the nation. If you are looking to sign up for an internet service that comes with amazing customer service, then Spectrum is the one to choose because Spectrum servicio al cliente is available 24/7 round the clock to assist you whenever you are in trouble.

Verizon Fios

Verizon is another popular name in the United States. Fios stands for Fibre optic service. Verizon Fios or Fios by Verizon, concerning the coverage area, is the largest fiber-optic provider in the U.S. It offers fiber optic services across 10 states and is among those very first carriers, which took fiber to the residential areas. Fios started back in 2005 but got an expansion in 2010. Verizon Fios plan starts from $64.99 with 60 Mbps uploading and downloading speed.

Exede internet

ViaSat Satellite Communications Company launched Exede internet in 2012. Well, the internet provider proved itself by providing high-speed internet connectivity and reliability but there are a few limitations to its offerings. The company offers 25 Mbps speed in selective areas with a downloading speed of 12 Mbps. The company has a contract policy of 2 years. Their plan starts from $49.99 per month. The plan has a data cap of 12 GB and offers to download speed of 12 Mbps.

Data limit and low downloading speed of 12 Mbps as compared to other mentioned ISPs may make you think of it as a less likely choice. However, Exede is known for its reliability and consistent service provision.


Frontier is also another largest DSL, copper, and Fiber internet service in the United States. It is widespread in the 38 states and also has great coverage along the West Coast of the U.S. Frontier has the most economical packages starting from $19.99 for a year with no contract.


CenturyLink is facilitating around 48.4 million people in 39 states of the U.S. Not many people know that CenturyLink not only offers DSL modem internet service but also Fiber Internet service to approximate masses. Their DSL plans start from $19.95 coupled with a speed of 12 Mbps. The plan requires you to have a CenturyLink landline connection. Fiber optic service starts from $54.99 per month with a downloading speed of $40 Mbps.

Final Words

All the aforementioned Internet service providers are doing a great job of providing fast and consistent internet to their customers. Find yourself an efficient ISP in your area through Local Cable Deals. It will fetch you the best options for you with just a few clicks.


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