Top 8 Curved Screen Smartphone Coming Next Half Year 2016


Right now there are many smartphones with similar design, hardware, price coming a lot. We can’t find something new in their functions. So numerous manufacturers start to produce smartphones in various design, such as LG G Flex, S6 Edge dual curved. With the mature of flexible screen technology, curved screen smartphones are coming now. So in the next half year of 2016, we will see these top 8 curved screen smartphone.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 6/7


We are not sure about the name of next coming flagship phone, Galaxy Note 6 or Galaxy Note 7. We only know it’s curved screen, high screen to body ratio, and individualized S Pen. Since Galaxy S6 Edge, we have witness the beauty of curved screen design. As the origin of curved screen, we hope Galaxy note 7 or note 6 will solve the problem about occasional touching to bring inconvenience.

2. Xiaomi Mi Note 2

Since Xiaomi mi5, Xiaomi doesn’t bring us the expected smartphone, Xiaomi mi note 2 curved screen smartphone, but released Xiaomi mi max with large screen. It’s fortunate that Xiaomi max has strong battery life, competitive price. But during this fierce competition, we want the different smartphones to give us visual impact. So we hope Xiaomi mi note 2 can do that.

3. Meizu Pro 6 Edge or Meizu Pro 7


When meizu released Meizu Pro 6, we can guess it will not be the flagship of this year. It’s true that Meizu will bring a new curved smartphone Meizu Pro 6 edge/Pro 7. It doesn’t matter about the name, but Meizu can use this Samsung Exynos 8890 processor and curved screen design to attract us much.

4. LG Active Bending


In CES 2015, LG has shown this curved screen smartphone LG Active Bending, but due to technology and cost,  LG doesn’t release dual curved screen earlier than Samsung. So it missed the best chance to beat Samsung. After one year, when Samsung developed the second generation curved screen, LG finally will bring the curved screen phone, LG G5 Edge?

5. ZTE, Huawei Curved smartphone


After Vivo Xplay 5 released, rumors about ZTE and Huawei that they will release new curved smartphone which belongs to Samsung screen. and Huawei will release Huawei Mate S2, which will be the first curved model for Huawei, as for ZTE, will ZTE AXON Max 2 become the curved one?



Oppo Find 9 has been released at the same time with Vivo Xplay 5 at the beginning of this year, but it doesn’t come out year. Maybe they are waiting for better hardware and improved curved screen. And VIVO Xplay 5 is worth buying smartphone in view of beauty and performance.

Therefore, are you excited with these coming curved smartphones? Which will be the first to be released? And what kind of price about them?


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