Top Drones for Filming in Hard-to-Reach Regions of Australia


The landscapes of wild Australia have always been rare artifacts on the media market. Most of the Australian population lives in urban areas, which are located quite far from their natural treasures. However, it couldn’t ever stop the photographers-daredevils, who found multiple ways of shooting the marvelous hills, pristine ocean beaches, reefs, and jungles. Due to the technological boost, their task became a little easier. Now, there is no need to hire a pilot to help to film the splendid landscapes and panoramas in Australia.

Drones are taking over and it seems like humanity couldn’t be happier about the opportunities it brings. For the students interested in the latest drone technology, online assignment help came up with the help as to writing college/uni tasks while you get known with the list of the awesome drones, which will make your trip to Australia the time of your life. We made this extract to help you see what is in demand and your assignment now is to match your skills to the budget. By taking a look at the best drone review by the technology experts from Melbourne, you’ll have a chance to choose the most suitable model whether you are a pro or an amateur.

Parrot Bebop 2

The price of Parrot Bebop can vary from 400 to 700 USD. However, you might want to pay some extra bucks for additional features, for example, route planning. Just 500g of weight will allow you to pack the gadget for a long trip. Even though the camera resolution is 14 megapixels, your final video will be shake-free. Parrot Bebop will be friendly to your gadgets – you will be able to see the picture from a drone right after it’s actually recorded.

Such drones and Perrot Bebop 2 are cheap enough for completing assignments for the beginners. You’ll be able to learn some basic features necessary for the professional shooting. At the same time, you’ll be fully satisfied with the quality of this little helper.

Yuneec Typhoon H Pro

The landing gear of Typhoon H Pro will make sure that your drone will come back in the same state you sent it to the air. It exploits such instruments as dual-operator control and Intel RealSense (a tool for avoiding obstacles). Some of the professional operators might appreciate the six-rotor design, which certainly points out Yuneec Typhoon H Pro from similar models.

Finally, its remote control has an integrated display; after one time using it, you’ll never come back to the ordinary controls. Some of the online reviews might not appeal to you since the display Typhoon H Pro is using is a bit unusual for those who changed their drone brand. Still, if it’s your first one – go ahead and give it a try!

DJO Mavic 2 Pro

When it comes to Australian landscapes, you might want to avoid high grass, huge leaves, or even lianas. Mavic 2 was designed especially for those who like shooting in challenging settings. Its multiple sensors avoid possible obstacles.

You also have to see the superior videos and images taken by Mavic 2. With 4k video and 20 megapixels, you get superlative images for the price relatively low for a pro market. Finally, you will enjoy its battery life – almost 5 stars on Amazon. One more thing DJI would like to improve in the nearest future is the 8 GB of internal memory. However, why don’t you spend a few dollars on a memory card? (up to 128GB supported)

DJI Inspire 2

Inspire 2 is a giant on the market in all the possible senses. First, it’s an excellent option for outdoor cinematography when you want to achieve the best quality of your final product.  The maximum resolution of 5.2K and 24 megapixels make you literally dive into the screen. Another thing if Inspire 2 maximum speed 58mph. You are more likely not to use it but agree, having this option feels empowering!

Adding to “giant” features of this drone, you will be for sure impressed with its weight (4,25 kg) and cost (2,799 USD). However, by spending such a tremendous sum, you will get 27 minutes of battery time, twin-battery arrangement, and 360-degree panorama, which comes to a win-win bottom line.

Please remember that by googling “camera drone Australia” you are more likely to find sponsored content than high-quality online help. It is way better to spend some time reviewing the market tendencies and checking all the options offered by the professional travelers, photographs, geeks from Australia. Their writing will be different from the online advertisements and at some point even hard to read. Your assignment is to compare the models you prefer and find all the pros and cons by yourself.

What is more, your decision will not be instant since you’ll spend weeks choosing the gadget that will be the one and only. However, you can google the actual photoshoots, which turned stunning due to drones helping, and realize that the time and money spent will pay off. A couple of hundred dollars will do for your first time and then you will realize why such models as Inspire 2 are in huge demand lately.


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