Top electronic door locks to bring you the future of home security


Keys and those traditional locks may look so obsolete at times, both in terms of looks and functionality. In contrast, electronic door locks are secure, flexible, and let you access your home remotely through devices like mobile phones, tablets, or laptops.

The traditional lock and key systems may have improved over time, but the primary mechanism remains what it was even thousands of years ago. It may have worked reasonably well till now, but is not the best today.

A smarter approach to security

The door security system is arguably the most crucial part of any smart and connected home. More secure and convenient, these let you monitor your home, and you can even use your phone to open and close doors. Others use voice commands or similar forms of triggers. Overall, it offers convenience and an advance level of security for your home.

When looking for the best electronic door locks, here are the top ones that you must consider.

Best overall

The electronic door lock from Schlage is the best for securing your home and stay relaxed even when you are away on an extended vacation. It comes with an illuminated numeric keypad and even a physical key. The recent update includes a feature that lets you unlock with a voice command as well. All you need to do is to speak a PIN code to complete the action.

Equally good option

Level Touch is good in looks, is minimalist, and operates smoothly. It is one electronic door lock that gets good reviews everywhere. The only drawback with it is that it needs an Apple device to operate it remotely. However, the Android version is out too, but you may have to compromise with the features a little. Overall, the product is compelling, but a little on the expensive side.

A retrofit

The August Smart Lock Pro has all the smart features and requires almost no change to your exterior hardware. Level Home’s Level Bolt is an electronic retrofit lock, and yes, once installed, it literally disappears. It replaces the interior mechanical elements of your existing deadbolt. The door remains overall aesthetic without any changes.

Best in budget

Wyze Labs lives up to its reputation with this smart lock. It is a perfect fit for a budget smart home and is almost half the competitors’ price. You can fit this device to the existing deadbolt, connect it to the wi-fi bridge, and your deadbolt converts into a modern smart home device that opens with your existing key. Convenient, economical, and the same level of security.

Most innovative smart lock

Here is a smarter smart lock that will reduce the number of security devices you will need. It is a robust smart lock with a great video doorbell. Now, this electronic lock may not be the perfect one as it is bulky and not attractive, but with all its features, it is something like no other in the market.


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