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Is your marketing strategy evolving as customers also develop?

As the customers change, so does the dynamic marketing landscape. Therefore, you need to use the best and most reliable marketing strategy to keep up with the new trends. Email marketing is one of the highest performing marketing channels. Email automation makes email marketing more efficient as you can do your analysis to decide how to keep your business afloat.

Most companies are trying to reach their current and potential clients through their inbox. Email automation helps you send targeted messages to your past, current, and potential customers at a particular time or depending on specific actions.

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Why Email automation?

Email marketing is an efficient method of reaching your customers to inform them of new products, deals, and any other information concerning your business.

However, you may not have time to create a message for each contact in your email list. It may even take so much time that you may not concentrate on other sectors of your business that require your attention.

Additionally, it won’t be the best idea to send a general blast to all your contacts. If somebody starts getting irrelevant messages, they’ll most probably unsubscribe.

Thus, you may need an email automation tool to ensure your messages are relevant and timely.

So, why do you need Email automation tools for your business?

  •         Email drip campaigns have a higher open rate and higher click through rates

Email drip campaigns are ideal for your business as they help keep your current and potential customers engaged. Email drips allow you to send automated and scheduled emails to your leads at a particular time.

The email automation tools help you to automate your outreach. They help keep your business top on the minds of leads who have an interest in your brand but haven’t decided to buy.

  •          Personalized emails lead to a higher purchase rate

If you send general messages to all your contacts, you may not generate interest in your products or brands as they are not attention-grabbing.

On the other hand, email automation platforms allow you to customize your messages depending on your contacts’ demographics and other data. As such, you can come up with a marketing strategy and design your message with a clear picture of what your potential customers are interested in and their habits.

  •          Email automation tools help you to grow your subscription list

There is no shortage of online retailers competing to get the attention of your current customers and leads. If you are not pro-active, you can watch as your customers are grabbed from you.

To deal with this, you can add a data-coop to your email automation tool. The data-coop will increase your subscriber list with quality leads.

  •          Come up with metrics to enhance the automated emails

After you’ve sent the automated messages to your past, currents, and potential customers, how do you ensure that they perform well?

It is an excellent idea to carry out email analytics to ensure that your messages perform as expected.

The email analytics help you to identify the area where your emails are performing best. Thus, you won’t be sending messages blindly, but you can strategize to realize the best results.

  •          Automated emails keep your brand at the top

Email automation tools help to take away all the hard work from you. You don’t have to spend time scheduling the time to send the messages. Also, they segment the email such that each email will get to a specific audience.

With all that out of your way, you are left with enough time to strategize for your business. Also, you get enough time to draft the best message that will interest your leads and convert them into buying customers.

With the right messages to your audience, automation tools help to keep your brand consistent.

Types of automated emails

  •          Welcome emails

If a potential customer signs up for your email list, you can send them a welcome email. Appreciate them for signing up and let them know the exclusive information they will be receiving through the signup.

  •          Curation emails

Curation emails help you to showcase your bestselling items. They also help you to segment your customers depending on their interests.

  •          Discount emails

Discount emails are popular in the eCommerce world as they deliver satisfactory results.

Discount emails work efficiently to convert customers who may not have decided whether they should buy or not.

However, don’t overuse discount emails. Doing so may affect your profit margins, which may be detrimental.

  •          Order confirmation

Order confirmation emails are essential in giving the customer peace of mind. The customer can rest easy knowing their order has been received, and you can also give them details of when they can expect their order.


Getting an email automation tool could be the best decision you make for your brand. It helps to keep your brand on top and consistent.


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