Top listed Glidecam for DSLR cameras for you!


Are you looking for the Glidecam for your DSLR camera? You have landed on to right place, as here we have listed the top Glidecam. Glidecam is an essential accessory for the DSLR cameras. If you wish to do the professional type of videography, then it is essential that with the help of glidecam you stabilize and balance the camera in a position which in turns helps in capturing the high-quality images.

If you are a beginner in this field and confused about which glidecam is best, then don’t worry as in this guide we reviewed the top products. We have also mentioned the great features and about the performance of these glidecams. Go through our tips on choosing glidecam and then after that, continue reading the list of top glidecams.

Tips to keep in mind when selecting Glidecams-

Professional type or entry-level glidecam-

First of all, check out that whether the particular model is designed to support the professional type of videography or is simply meant for entry-level. Some model of Glidecam is meant only for entry-level work and cannot be used for professional working. Thus, if you wish to experience better image quality and better functioning, then choose the glidecam according to the work you are going to do.

Load capacity-

It is necessary that you check the glidecam load capacity for DSLR cameras. Glidecam you choose must fulfill all your needs and should be able to support high load capacity.


Always choose the stabilizer which has a comfortable handle and features easy to use. You may not like to spend much time in setting up the stabilizer and so go for that model which offers you easy to set up feature.

So, these are few tips to keep in mind when choosing the glidecam for DSLR.

List of top Glidecam for the DSLR cameras-

Flycam Redking-

Number one stabilizer for DSLRs in the market is Flycam Redking. This is a top recommended brand, and it is very popular because of the amazing features it provides. This kit is offered to the customers at budget-friendly rates. Also, the low price tag doesn’t mean that image stabilization will be of low level. Flycam Redking offers you a high level of image stabilization, and performance of this stabilizer is also smooth.

The maximum load capacity offered by redking is 15.4 pounds. This is the highest load capacity offered when compared with the other DSLR stabilizer. Flycam redking is designed in such a way that it means all your camera rig requirements, and it offers you comfortable videography sessions. Other then this if we see the image quality, then it offers natural-looking images. The video footage captured by you looks so natural that your clients get easily attracted it.


Easy to assemble

User-friendly interface

Made from a high-quality metal alloy

Light-weighted and comfortable to hold

Glidecam Devin graham Signature-

Another top Glidecam for the DSLR camera is Glidecam Devin graham signature series. This model is although five years old still it is famous in the market. This glidecam is expensive as compared to Flycam Redking and it shows a little better performance than the Flycam Redking. If you have low budget, then it will be better that you go with the Flycam Redking instead of this one.

This DSLR stabilizer support load capacity of 12 pounds for the camera. So, this model will surely meet all your needs, and you will be easily set up this Glidecam and work efficiently. If we compare this glidecam to electronic or motorized gimbals then it offers you far better- and high-quality images. It offers natural-looking video images and thus, you can experience professional type videography with this stabilizer.


Provided with the Manfrotto release plate

Easy to adjust the central column

Advanced gimbal handle

Glidecam XR Pro-

Glidecam XR Pro was designed for utilizing in cinematic video cameras; however today users are using it for DSLR cameras. Users seems to enjoy using it however, this glidecam cannot be used for a professional type of videography. This glidecam is also pocket friendly when compared to other models.

It can support DSLR setup with load capacity of 10 pounds. This stabiliser for sure is cheap but offers great video footage quality if balanced properly. It is important to note here that this glidecam is not easy to setup and may take your little time. So, if you are ok with it then you can select Glidecam XR pro.


Provided with quick release plate

Adjustable central column

Durable and long lasting

Flycam HD 3000-

This is another best pocket friendly DSLR stabilizer on our list. This model cannot work for professional type videography and it is an entry level stabilizer. Hobbyist, youtuber and entry level videographers can make best use of this stabilizer. With such a low price-tag it offers high level performance and it is well accepted by the users.

Maximum load capacity you can expect from this glidecam is 8 pounds. You can easily mount and start working with it. There is offered smooth and natural image stabilization by this glidecam.


Offered with quick release plate

Quick balancing feature

Light- weighted and comfortable

Glidecam HD 200-

This is last but not the least product on our Glidecam list for DSLR cameras. This glidecam is also very popular however it is little expensive due to which it comes at down position on our list. Cost is high and the performance level is also high as compared to the other models. It is best for the entry level videographer and not meant for professional videography. It can easily take DSLR camera rig and load of 6 pounds. It offers high image stabilization when loaded with proper weight.


Easy to set up



With this we end our list of Top glidecam for DSLR cameras. We have mentioned all the qualities and features of the different products. Now, choose the best among the given glidecam and get started with your videography project. You can compare and choose the one which falls under your budget.



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