Top Mistakes to Avoid while Hiring Offshore Software Development company


Standing out from the crowd is a nice phrase, but it’s not as simple when implementing it in real life.

Today, many big and small businesses are relying on Offshore software companies to meet their organizational requirements.

However, when it comes to hiring the right offshore software development company, the chances of making some mistakes are obvious.

If you are about to hire offshore development teams for the first time, you are in the right place.

This post will familiarize you with the common mistakes most people make while hiring an offshore software development agency so that you can avoid these mistakes.

Using a Wrong Business Model

IT industry has tremendously evolved over the past few years. And for software development, there are abundant customizable models that one could follow. But, it is crucial to find out a suitable model for your software,

One of the most famous models are:

  • Pure play: In this model, hiring 3rd party offshore vendors is included for meeting all your software building needs.
  • Build, operate, transfer: In this model, testing with smaller vendors is involved before a person settles their own offshore operation with the help of acquisition.
  • DIY: With this model, you can set up your own software development business.

You can pick any of the software development models based on business requirements.

Not Conducting Proper Research

Thorough research is the key to success.

Without conducting research, it becomes impossible to come across the right offshore software development company.

There are hundreds and thousands of offshore development companies out there like Zenser, TatvaSoft, MindTree and choosing one from this crowd becomes difficult.

Therefore, take your time to conduct research for your offshore company.

First, begin with shortlisting the A-listed companies.

After that, match their features such as services, work experience, achievements, cost, support, etc.

Try to find the pros and cons of each company and identify which company will fulfill your requirements.

Remember: The type of offshore partner you choose for your company defines your success.

  • How to do Research in the first place?
  • Shortlist those offshore software companies that meet your software development requirements.
  • Interview different vendors and observe them
  • Find out their experience and expertise
  • Get an insight into their team and the role of each member
  • Don’t hesitate to ask about the past projects as it will help you to understand their skills

Focusing on Cost Only

Some business owners want to hire offshore software developers who are experienced, talented, and cost-effective. Others want only the most excellent developers handling their projects regardless of the cost. There are various pricing models when it comes to offshoring.

We say, hire such offshore development company which is experienced enough to provide you quality results without costing you excessively.

These are the offshore companies we can call ‘The Right’ service providers.

Sometimes, the cheapest model could not meet the needs of your software which leads to faulty products. Providing such poor quality software to your clients might lead you to lose their loyalty and resistance. So if you want your clients to stay for years, quality software is the only solution.

Seek for top-notch service providers and then consider the cost as per the support provided by them.

If they are providing additional services that you don’t even require, ask them to eliminate them from your project.

Besides, certain factors might increase the cost of your project, such as buying new tools or upgrading to the latest technology. Some software developers are equipped with these tools & technologies and don’t cost a penny, but some might include its charges in your bill. So you need to ask your service provider whether or not you will pay for the advanced tools.

Deficiency of Required Tools & Technology

It’s pretty tricky to set the bars high for your software with a limited set of tools.

Ensure your offshore developers are well-equipped with trending tools so that you don’t lack in your field.

Imagine you have succeeded in hiring the right offshore software development company with the right cost. But do you think your hiring will be successful, too, with less project management, communication, and software development tools?

You and your offshore team must have:

  • Slack for messages
  • Dropbox for quick file sharing
  • Skype or Google meet for video meetings and conferencing
  • Screen-sharing and cloud storage
  • Multiple access platforms such as Google Docs or Google Sheet

Not Keeping the Requirements Clear

How much information you are providing to your offshore team will define the correctness of the outcome.

That’s why we suggest everyone keep their requirements and expectations clear.

Tell them in-depth what type of software you want them to build for you or your client, how it must work, which features it must reflect, and how much time the software must be made.

Be clear about the following:

  • Kind of User Experience you want in the software
  • Your business requirements
  • Which user actions you want them to enable with your product
  • Customer personas like feel and look of the software
  • On which Operating Systems — — iOS, Android, or the web — — the software must run

Overlooking the Workforce Diversity

Working with offshore development teams will add more diversity to your workforce. Besides, there could be some challenges that you might need to handle, such as:

  • Differences in Cultural
  • Language barriers
  • Work culture & style

Some business owners handle this diversity with consistent communication, which is a good thing. But you can try some other processes such as communication and cultural onboarding training, as well.

Final Words

Choosing the right Offshore software development teams is your biggest step towards widespread your products & services. Once you have taken all the factors of hiring an offshore team, nothing will hold you back from reaching your goals and providing the best software to your clients. So make sure you avoid the above mistakes, and hire the best offshore software development company for your project.


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