Top Smartphone Trends for 2021


Today, smartphones are all over the place! Seldom will you come across a millennial who doesn’t have a smartphone in their hands. In simple words, the massive evolution of technology has changed the ways humans used to communicate. Now, smartphones are used for various reasons and not just exchanging text messages. Therefore, if you have an interest in smartphones, we recommend you follow the top marketing trends. Especially if you’re a business owner and want to use a smartphone to make the most out of your investment, you’ve come to the right spot.

Gone are the days when marketing was only done through conventional methods such as pamphlets, advertisements, and emails. Now, the use of smartphones has made it easier than ever for modern businessmen to get in touch with their clients. In this blog, we have compiled a list of the top smartphone trends of this year:

Artificial Intelligence

No wonder, the idea of artificial intelligence has encapsulated the mobile world as well. So when this technology can be infused into smartphones, people are being driven a step closer to the use of robots. While this technology will take some time to penetrate the smartphone world, there are several advancements that have already been done. If you have heard about the Google assistant, it is a popular form of AI that is already available on your smartphone and you wouldn’t even know about it. Secondly, the mobile apps are using the voice recognition feature that will enhance the customer experience. For example, if you want to transfer the youtube mp3 to another folder, the use of AI will help you identify the music without getting confused about the singer of the playlist.

Augmented Reality

Today, augmented reality has changed a large part of our real world. In simple words, what we see is not a part of reality. If you sift through the face filters of Snapchat, this is the best example of augmented reality. Even top-notch platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have started working on the concept. Most of the modern applications are using this technology because it helps them in generating more revenue. Do you remove the iconic Pokemon Go? For your information, it had over 800 million downloads and got a staggering $1.2 billion in revenue. Therefore, the numbers themselves are clear proof of the fact that augmented reality has become mainstream.

Location-Based Technology

If you don’t know, your smartphone tracks your location all the time. This is not a hidden secret anymore! Most of the applications are tracking your location with or without your permission. Every time you download an application and click on the “Yes I agree” button, you are allowing the app to penetrate into your phone and even use your personal data. Therefore, the next time you decide to download an app, make sure to sift through the terms and conditions to know the situation. With the massive evolution of technology, it is not difficult for the makers of the apps to know about our whereabouts every second.


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