TOPTRO X5 5G 1080P Projector Offered at $282.99 [on Amazon]


TOPTRO X5 1080P Projector is an economical masterpiece created by the TOPTRO team after more than four years of painstaking research and development. It solves the limitations of LCD imaging technology, and its hardware configuration and experience are among the best in the LCD projector industry.

Buy TOPTRO X5 Projector on Amazon

Design & Display

The TOPTRO X5 combines the CM color processing algorithm and excellent LCD image uniformity to achieve smooth and accurate color reproduction without sacrificing the color gamut with 85% NTSC, and every detail on the screen is accurately restored and presented. Easily project a 100-inch screen, watch 1080P or even 4K images, and experience the stunning visuals that TV can’t interfere with effectively, make the transmission more stable, and play HD video sources without freezing. No need to download software, just connect to wifi to achieve the same display. The brightness and image quality of ordinary projector bulbs will decline after long-term use. The X5 projector adopts the light source imported from Germany, and the original image optimization function can automatically adjust the image according to the dimming of the lamp, and always keep the image clear. Save product maintenance costs and unnecessary hassle.

High Contrast Ratio

TOPTRO X5 native 1080P projector output modulation can achieve a 15000:1 contrast ratio while minimizing power consumption. High-contrast performance adds depth, dimension, and realism to video, and can define detail in shadows even when light and dark scenes are frequently swapped.


TOPTRO X5 home projector uses the latest Bluetooth 5.1 chip, the data transmission speed is twice that of Bluetooth 5.0, and the data transmission capacity is increased by 200%, not only the transmission speed is fast, but more data can also be transmitted. With Bluetooth 5.1, you can get rid of the audio cable and experience the joy of convenience. Using the latest WiFi chip, the 5G channel transmission speed is faster, and effectively avoids signal interference, the transmission is more stable, whether it is received through the wall or in the corner of the room, and online HD video playback is more smooth.

360 ANSI lumens

ANSI Lumens is a method of measuring the luminous flux of a projector developed by the American National Standards Institute. Please pay attention to the international lumen when purchasing the projector. The high brightness of the X5 projector allows the image to be presented even in the case of dim indoor lighting, projecting more fascinating than ever. But to get a better display effect, we recommend that you use this projector in a darker environment.

Where To Buy

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Buy TOPTRO X5 Projector on Amazon


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