TPE Electronic Cigarette Accounted for 16.7% about 85 Vape Brands


On February 22, the International Tobacco Show (TPE) will be held in Las Vegas.

TPE is the largest tobacco show in the United States and the Americas. It is held annually at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and has been successfully held for 22 years. The TPE is a barometer of the tobacco sales industry in the Americas, reflecting new trends in the development of the tobacco industry in North America. The exhibition range includes cigarettes, cigars, devices, e-cigarettes, tobacco, tobacco flavor, etc.

A total of 509 manufacturers participated in the exhibition, including about 85 e-cigarette brands, accounting for 16.7 percent. Among them, many well-known domestic e-cigarette enterprises will also participate in the exhibition, such as:

smoore — Booth number 1214

Love Miracle (ELFBAR) — Booth No. 2213

ZOVOO — Booth No. 3194

firstunion — Booth number 7145

Innokin — Booth number 3211

For more details about e-cigarette brands, see the table below:



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