Train Wi-Fi Technology is Connecting Tracks and Making Them Safer


Traveling should never be a reason to lose connectivity. And, living up to that, train Wi-Fi technology is being used by most major and updated railway systems in the world.

There was a time not long ago; trains were not the most connected travel systems. The long journeys and the dull weather made it impossible to install much of wireless tech there.

But those times are behind us, with Firberinmotion architecture for trains to Bullet trains and the on-board Wi-Fi for passengers, everything is possible. Train Wi-Fi technology has not just changed train journeys to almost flying but also has some more additional benefits.

Just think about a South-East Asian country like India where; A monthly calculable average of 23.5 million logins by users. It is often overwhelming 8,000 terabytes of data in 10 railway stations by Wi-Fi usage, according to RailTel Corporation of India.

This is the remarkable potential of what else can train Wi-Fi can do for railways systems around the world.

Improved Vehicle Connection 

With the connection on motion, it is easier and faster and more efficient in signaling CBTC and other public authorities in railway systems. Making a carriage and train journey secured and always under the radar.

Enhanced User Experience 

With train Wi-Fi and CCTV cites and proper PIS (Practical Incentive System) in a connected wireless network and enhanced connectivity on the go, you can use the user data to build a train journey experience.

With the user data, the railway systems can improve their user-based loyalty system. This will create a railway travel experience that is personalized for users and stations everywhere.

Boosts Traffic

One of the main reasons why people don’t take the railway is that they can’t work on the go for long journeys. It is seen that in 2008, there was a three-fold increase of passengers in the East Coast Line railway in the United Kingdom.

With better connectivity and taking advantage of the 5GT network, railways can increase their traffic, and that means the public transportation system won’t be at a loss.

And, when public transport systems make money, the standard of the public service system improves drastically too.

Security Padding 

Ong train journeys need a secure security check. Especially in rocky roads and in such desperate times. A proper train Wi-Fi set up with high-speed data transmission means you can utilize the central CCTV cites for footages. This also increases the safety measures taken for passengers traveling, making rail travel safer.

Improved Emergency Communication

With a better connection to CBTC and the internal crew of the train, you can assure that in times of emergency, a train Wi-F technology is going to be very handy. From alerting security officials to getting hospitalization help in case of accidents and mishaps.


Train Wi-Fi technology is designed to not just help railways run smoothly but change the passenger experience as a whole. With better connectivity and carriages under the radar, security is uncompromised.


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