Transparent OnePlus 6 – How Did the Company Create Matte Glass?


OnePlus 6 is the first glass smartphone of this class from the Chinese. The company has already repeatedly tried to prove that it is a good decision to abandon aluminum. However, we have already proved to you that the strength of the OnePlus 6 for falls is not good. Similar to the torture of this device.

However, if the company has not decided on wireless charging, maybe it can be used in a different way with a glass back? Do you remember the Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition? Yes, let’s make a transparent back that may seem interesting in a matt version.

Zack Nelson of JerryRigEverything took his OnePlus in the Mirror Black color and, after having disassembled it, decided to make it transparent. OnePlus 6 Clear Edition is the name of the special version that has been created and which differs from the others on the market for the completely transparent back cover.

A result all in all easy to reach because it was enough to remove the back and remove it, taking care not to scratch the glass, the black finish. A work completed with a touch of class: add a red adhesive paper, complete with OnePlus adhesive, to the battery. A symbol color for the Chinese company.

The result is a really nice smartphone to see but above all the ideal for all true fans who can show all the internal components like a ” nerd “. Of course, the process explained by JerryRigEverything and visible in the video above invalidates the manufacturer’s official warranty. Of course, you can clearly see the difference of its development in the OnePlus 6, and in the aforementioned Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition.

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