Treatment of Dysmenorrhoea With Graphene Far Infrared


Modern people give much attention to health, especially women. There is a common and frequently-occurring disease among adolescent women, as well as a chronic disease with periodic onset, which called Primary Dysmenorrhoea (PD). It is a non-organic disease that causes women to have periodic abdominal pain before and after menstruation or during menstruation, often accompanied by a variety of symptoms such as heavy back and leg acid, loss of appetite, and fatigue. According to the epidemiological survey, the incidence of PD is up to 30% to 50% among women and as high as 64.8% among female college students, which seriously affects the life quality of female patients.

Recently a thesis named “Clinical Efficacy Observation on Dysmenorrhea of Cold-damp Stagnation Type with Graphene Thermotherapy Eased on the Idea of TCM “Preventive Treatment of Disease” was published on Medicinal Plant. In the paper, the researchers try to explore the clinical efficacy of graphene heating pad on dysmenorrhea of cold-damp stagnation type by using graphene abdominal belt or oral administration of Tongjingbao granules. In general, the use of graphene abdominal belt is effective in relieving the clinical symptoms and associated symptoms of cold and wet stagnancy dysmenorrheal. For more, you can check the thesis here.

Now you may want to know what graphene is, and why graphene abdominal belt is best for Dysmenorrhea. Graphene is currently the world’s thinnest, strongest, and most conductive nano materials with the strongest thermal conductivity. It is considered as the “king of new materials”. According to a test held by China National Supervision and Test Centre for Infrared and Industry Galvanothermy, the far infrared ray generated by graphene are almost identical to the far infrared spectrum in the human body.

Both types of rays have wavelengths between 6-14μm and can effectively penetrate into the human body, creating biological molecular resonance in the human cells to form a thermal reaction, accelerating blood circulation, activating tissue cells, and removing harmful substances from the body. Graphene abdominal belt made by combining graphene technology with ergonomic principles and far-infrared physiotherapy efficacy has the characteristics of rapid heating, warmth, pain relief and metabolism enhancement, and has its unique advantages in the treatment of Dysmenorrhea.

Graphene Times, a well-known brand focusing on researching and developing graphene therapeutic products. The graphene waist protector, applying to far-infrared physical heating therapy, helps you to release fatigue and ease pain. Using graphene waist protector, your local skin temperature can be increased by thermal stimulation; the blood vessels can be dilated under the skin and the blood flow can be speeding up. The graphene waist protector plays the role of thermal dispersing cold. Now let us stay tuned for the graphene waist protector come out by Graphene Times.


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