Tronsmart T2 Plus 20W Wireless Speaker Offered at $33.99


The Tronsmart Element T2 Plus Speaker offers you quite a good sound quality. In addition, an excellent price and design, with features and properties that make it one of the smartest choices on the market.

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In terms of size, the T2 Plus measures 6.89 x 2.72 x 2.09 inches. Incredibly portable size and design. The speaker body is rectangular with rounded edges and the control buttons at the top. On the far left, you have the switch with the TWS pairing button next to it on the right. With their IPX7 waterproofing and robust, durable design, all speakers in this series are designed to accompany you. They also incorporated a metal hook that was specially designed so you could hang it on your backpack or luggage so you could take it outdoors, on a trip, or just to a friend’s party. For those who like to keep their property, the Tronsmart T2 Plus fits in the palm of your hand.

On the back of the speaker, above the Tronsmart logo, is a cover that, when moved, reveals the AUX-IN port if you’re still using it. Following AUX-in is the USB-C charging port and as usual we have to commend Tronsmart for choosing to build the USB-C port instead of going with the old Micro or Mini USB ports.

Sound Quality

Let’s talk about why everyone is here in the first place, sound quality. They designed this portable speaker to produce deep bass and rich sound in the smallest possible package. With a 20W speaker output, you can get a clear, powerful sound that your neighbors can enjoy. What’s even better though is the fact that you can use the TWS technology in these speakers to pair two of them together so you can double your output and get a surround sound experience with stereo connectivity.

Full Control

As with other equipment from the Tronsmart, this speaker is compatible with voice commands from Google Assistant, Siri, and Cortana so we will have great versatility for the main multimedia-oriented systems. Sound capture is done through a built-in microphone inside the Tronsmart Element T2 Plus, which supports hands-free mode. In this way, we will be able to make calls without any problem, and in the tests, we have not had any problems both receiving and calling.


Regarding the charging time and its capacity, we will cover a complete cycle in about 3 hours, at a maximum of 10W (5V/2A), which is not a very fast speed as it does not have a dedicated charger. The device will turn off automatically after a few minutes of disuse, something that, for example, the previous version does not offer. The charging time is about 3 hours, and the truth is that it is quite a lot since it does not have its charger, perhaps one of the small disadvantages. But the 3600 mAh will last us a full day of preproduction without major problems with a volume below half. It is compatible with voice control, hands-free, Windows, iOS, and Android.


The Tronsmart T2 Plus “Element” speaker is an incredibly powerful speaker and its size makes it very easy to carry around. This is the kind of speaker anyone can use in any situation, whether it’s kayaking, taking a shower, or near a campfire.

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Where To Buy

So if you finally decided to buy Tronsmart T2 Plus with its all cons and pros so we have and discount offer for you right now, You can buy now it on AliExpress For Just $33.99. Click the following button to order now:

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