Tronsmart Trip Review: Your Perfect Travelling Partner


When traveling or simply spending an afternoon with friends or family away from home, it’s always important to have music accompaniment. Today it is no longer a hassle to carry a loudspeaker with us, as its dimensions and weight have been reduced while battery life is increasing without having to spend so much money. The perfect example of this is the little Tronsmart Trip speaker. Today we will talk about everything in this detailed review for your that how much suitable is it for you.

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Tronsmart Trip is lightweight and portable, yet powerful. It can take a beating: it’s IPX7 waterproof and dustproof. Despite being a mono speaker, it can wirelessly pair with compatible Tronsmart speakers to provide stereo using its SoundPulse technology.

The case is covered in a sturdy fabric with gray silicone rubber tips, behind which there are ports for charging and inputs for external devices that don’t use Bluetooth. At the other end, a very stable loop runs into the body of the case, with which the loudspeaker can be attached, e.g. B. can be securely attached to a backpack.

It’s weighs only 328 g (0.72 lbs.) and is by no means something that can be described as heavy. It feels light and premium in the hand, but it’s lightweight. In terms of travel, that’s good. Tronsmart Trip comes on the market in several available colors, from the most classic like black or gray to the most striking like red and blue. In all cases, it has a cord on its side that basically works like a cable to carry it in the hand without becoming heavy.


The rubber icons on the top of the device are the volume, Bluetooth, and off and on control buttons. There are two sturdy rubber feet on the underside of the device, which allow the device to stand securely while playing, but can also be played lying on your back if you are out in the wild and forgot to take tables with you. The appearance of this speaker is really robust. It looks like you would expect from a travel speaker as it looks sturdy. The case’s fabric covering feels like the ballistic nylon you get with gun holsters and knives. Anything that isn’t durable nylon fabric is rubber.

It looks sturdy and waterproof. You can fully submerge IPX7 devices in water for 30 minutes without leaks. I would say this is totally waterproof. The strap on the side just asks for a carabiner to loop it through so you can attach it to your luggage. Of course I did that first, so while the carabiner looks cool, it’s not part of the package.


Tronsmart Trip has the advantage of being a new model that allows you to add Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, that is, a state-of-the-art standard that improves connection efficiency, as well as greater stability and lower power consumption. It even supports syncing with another branded speaker to improve sound output. So the features of the Trip are very simple. The Trip also offers neither a power bank function nor a microphone. We can forgive the Trip for that given its price range.

Sound Quality

However, it can’t have the same positivity in terms of total audio power, because it’s just 10W, which puts it well below the competition’s alternatives or its own. It’s basically a comfortable accompaniment to music on the go, but it won’t be enough to create a real festive atmosphere. Although compact, the Tronsmart Trip speaker is capable of producing powerful sound and punctuating all your travels. To do this, its audio crew consists of a full-range speaker powered by digital amplification. It is thus capable of providing a very dynamic sound and surprisingly strong bass given its size. The sound quality is a very important point. Especially when it comes to those miniature models. Indeed, the recurring problem with models that are too “cheap” is that the sound that comes out is sometimes strident. These oversized highs are a real problem for listening comfort. Know that it is not so with these mini JBL. Even at maximum volume our ears thank us.


The integrated battery lasts around 20 hours. If you always listen at the maximum volume, you won’t be able to listen to music for as long. However, the 5 hours are well chosen as an average value. You can recharge the battery with the included USB-C to USB-A cable. For a full charge you have to calculate 3 hours if you use a 5W power supply.

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The Tronsmart Trip performs well. It is robust and compact and looks good in the garden, on the beach, in the forest or in the bathroom. The sound is great, although you have to do without the bass for the most part. The Tronsmart Trip makes an outstanding impression on us. Although it is more expensive than its predecessor, it has been improved in many areas, sound, feel, workmanship, optics, technology – everything is better than the predecessor, which you can still buy for a significantly lower price. We think the surcharge is justified, the Tronsmart Trip belongs in every beach or bathing bag. You can buy it on Tronsmart Official Distributor for worldwide shipping, I mean Geekbuying is selling it for just $21.99. Click the following button for order now:

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