TV Buddy Caster Online streaming device Review


Online streaming is very popular today because of the myriad of content you can choose, and it’s readily available to anyone as long as there is an Internet connection, you can stream videos and music on your smartphone or tablet, when and where you want to.

Also, because of these advancements in technology, a lot of new TV types have been introduced to the market. Among these are new smart TV models, which have advanced features, but also very expensive.

But what if your budget only allows you to stream movies and tv shows on your mobile phone? Because your TV is still the old kind of TV model, that is only suitable for a cable TV connection, and you are finding watching movies on your phone quite uncomfortable because of its small screen and poor sound quality.

You’re in luck! A TV streaming device called the TV Buddy Caster allows you to stream content using your smartphone and transfer that video or images and sound to your existing TV. You don’t have to buy a new smart TV or have a cable subscription anymore. Wow!

You may find the high-tech Caster is loaded with features and very reasonably priced. It can give you these benefits listed in no particular order:

  1. It’s compatible with the latest Android, iOS, and Mac devices.The makers of TV Buddy Caster made sure to cover the new models of smartphones today, regardless of their operating systems. You can be sure that whatever brand your phone or tablet is, the TV Buddy Caster will have no problem connecting to it.
  2. It has multiple modes. The TV Buddy Caster has modes like Airplay, Miracast, AirMirror.
  3. It’s HDMI compatible and is a ‘plug and play’ device. No more confusing and messy cables.
  4. It can be used for conferences, presentations, cinema, and gaming. Aside from entertainment, students and professionals could use their TV Buddy Caster for their studies or work, respectively.
  5. It doesn’t track you. Unlike some streaming devices or services, the TV Buddy Caster won’t access any of your personal information.
  6. It can give you a Full High Definition experience. Imagine watching your favorite blockbuster movie and having an experience that is comparable to being in a real movie house.
  7. It doesn’t have any delay or lag, and you can stream instantly. You can expect a very pleasurable and uninterrupted viewing experience with this device.
  8. The TV Buddy Caster is very easy to install. Installation is as convenient as possible. Its owner doesn’t need any special tools or training to set up the device. You just need to clamp it at the back of your TV and connect the cable (which is included in the pack) with any vacant HDMI port of your TV.
  9. It can help you have a relaxing viewing experience, and your eyes can have less strain. You don’t have to strain your eyes anymore from watching your phone’s small screen.
  10. It is Wi-Fi compatible, and it works with multiple audios, video, and photo extensions or formats. For photo formats, you can view JPEG, PNG, GIF, JPG, and BMP files. For video formats, you can play TS, AVI, FLV, RM, MKV, VOB, and MOV files, and for audio formats, you can listen to MP3, WAV, AAC, APE, OGG and WMA.
  11. It has a crisp and clear resolution. TV Buddy Caster works with H.265 or HEVC decoder, supports Full High-Definition 1080 pixels, and operates in a maximum frequency of 2.4 G.
  12. Error-free device. The TV Buddy Caster doesn’t require any maintaining or change of settings. It automatically updates itself. Plus, the TV Buddy Caster comes with cool remote control.
  13. You can save money. You don’t have to pay for cable anymore, and you don’t need to but a new smart TV.
  14. No junkware. You can have less clutter because you don’t have to deal with junkware and unused smart TV features.
  15. Extend the life of your TV since you don’t have to buy a new TV anymore. Your existing TV’s use will be maximized.

With all these features and benefits of using a TV Buddy Caster, you probably won’t go back to your old way of watching TV or streaming content online. You may even get rid of your cable subscription and save a lot of money since you won’t be paying monthly bills. Indeed, TV Buddy Caster’s is very useful to someone who wants to cut his or her expenses without doing away with an excellent source of entertainment.

A lot of people found this device useful, especially students, professionals, or those who give presentations as a part of their job, such as teachers. If you provide entertainment to other people, then the TV Buddy Caster is perfect for you. Also, the TV Buddy Caster doesn’t have any preferences about brands. No content is blocked, and there will be no annoying advertisements or endorsements.

Probably, the best part of owning a TV Buddy Caster is the convenience of using it anywhere. Even when you’re traveling or just away from home, you still won’t miss your favorite movies, tv shows, music, games, photos, and many more.

With regard to its price, a TV Buddy Caster is worth every cent. You won’t have to spend more than 58 US Dollars, comprising the device’s price and the shipping fee. Compared to other streaming devices, the TV Buddy Caster is very reasonably priced, yet its features are high-end. Truly, more bang for your buck! Plus, you won’t be needing cable anymore, thus saving money as well.

Don’t waste a lot of time and give your eyes a break. Start watching your favorite movies and TV shows in Full HD with this wonderful device.



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