TVs for kitchen under cabinet


Any appliances that become popular will inevitably be divided into classes or types. For example, cars have long been classified into sports, racing, family cars, trucks, etc. The number of different devices for listening to music is countless. So did TV sets – under the pressure of time, the cinema screen was transformed from a huge cloth canvas into a small electronic box that appeared in every house, and nowadays – in almost every room.

But when it comes to TVs for the kitchen – few can approach the matter as meticulously and with such dedication as the AVEL company. The manufacturer has two series of TVs for the kitchen, which will suit even the most demanding customer:

TVs in kitchen cabinet

Built-in appliances are suitable for both owners of small apartments, and for connoisseurs of minimalism in design. Such a TV can be built into almost any niche or cabinet door. Avis Electronics offers a variety of models of TV for kitchen under cabinet with Android 7.1 and Smart TV with a diagonal from 23.8 to 32 inches.

Wall-mounted TVs

A wall-mounted version would be a great option in almost any situation. Mounts allow you to place such a set wherever you want, as well as find the ideal angle of view. Due to moisture protection and heat-resistant glass, AVEL TV sets can be installed next to the sink or even the stove. The customer can choose a model to his taste from a wide range of products. For example, the series of wall-mounted TVs include solutions with a diagonal from 23.8 to 75 inches.

And all types AVEL Kitchen TVs are equipped with IP66 full-function waterproof IR remote control and additional remote control for daily use.

Cabinet Door Android Touch TV AVS240KT

For those who still decided to opt for a model TV for the kitchen with a cabinet door installation, we can recommend paying attention to the AVS240KT. Let’s take a closer look at what the manufacturer has to offer us in this particular model.

Because of the special way of construction and sizes, this type of TV can save a lot of space in the kitchen. Installation is made on any kitchen set instead of one of the cabinet doors. Besides, Android touch will help you not only to watch your favorite shows but also to enjoy all the pleasures of the Internet: communicate with family and friends, make video calls, watch YouTube.

Working with a device like the AVEL AVS240KT is much like the experience of using a regular tablet. With the Android OS, you can install the necessary applications, customize the functionality of the TV as you like. Now it’s up to you to decide what and when to watch.

Kitchen TV AVS240KT is usually installed on a kitchen unit instead of one of its doors. The appliance requires no more space than a regular door, so the cabinet itself can continue to be used for its intended purpose: to store seasonings, dishes, or other kitchen utensils. The front panel is completely moisture-proof, ensuring safe operation in the kitchen environment. This model can be safely installed over the sink, stove – the device is very reliable.

This model can be safely installed over the sink or stove – the device is very reliable.


Model AVS240KT
Series 2020 Android Touch TV series
Screen Finish  

Black Frame

Frame Material Steel
Screen Material Tempered Safety Glass
Resolution 1920×1080 pixels
Screen Size 23.8″ (61 cm)
OS Android 7.1

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