TwoTrees Laser Engraver TTS-55 – Unboxing and review of a very good laser printer for amazing art works!


More and more people want to express their artistic ideas and with the help of a laser printer is sure you can do amazing things. If check over the internet you can cut and engrave various things over various material to make real art. Of course you will need a good laser printer for this, precise but wont cost a fortune. For this I have to recommend you the TwoTrees TTS-55, a very good laser engraver that creates miracles! The laser printer came to me from the eshop of the company, as a big box, without any problem with the customs.

Inside the two boxes that you will find, you will find everything to construct the laser printer. TwoTrees says to us that 60% is already done by them, still you have a lot of work to do which is not easy if you check the video. Still, the final result is 100% sure to satisfy you!

With the help of the manual, the video and patient, it is sure to reach the final result that you see here. TwoTrees TTS55 weights 3kg. The engraving Range is 300 x 300mm which can expand to 420 x 400mm through an extra extension kit that you can get from the company. TTS-55 laser module uses the latest LD+FAC+C-Lens compression spot technology, with a fixed focus and a focal length that is only 23mm. This you can combine it with other long focus lasers and short focus laser that can engrave stronger with a more powerful cutting ability.  Have always in mind that when using the laser, you must have very good ventilation, with open windows. The TTS55 has an engraving accuracy of 0.1mm, with laser power of 5.5W and machine output power of 40W.

The laser wavelength is of 445 ± 5nm and the engraving speed of 10000mm / min. It supports various programs from Windows and MAC, freeware and not. For example, you can use free software like LaserGRBL (for Windows) or paid software like Lightburn (for Windows, Mac). The laser printer connects through WiFi with your mobile through the app MKSLaser, which can be found at Google Playstore or Apple Store. The laser is made out of aluminum and plastic. Needs a power supply of 12V 4A DC to function. TTS-55 laser can engrave wood, plastic, paper, leather, bamboo, sponge paper, alumina, stainless steel, chevron board, acrylic, glass, etc. The laser can cut up to 5mm plywood, 3mm acrylic board , 3mm carton, 0.7mm leather and so on.

You will see in the video the motherboard of the laser printer. It adopts a 32-bit dual-core MCU. This gives to the printer faster processing speed. You can also connect with TF card or by using the WiFi  ability that has. The 5.5W diode laser engraver as I told you comes with LD+FAC tech which gives 0.8 x 0.8mm laser focus. With the help of the dual motor for Y-axis, it is sure to have smooth and fast movement. The printer comes with a magnetic cover that can protect your eyes from harmful lights and stop the generated smoke from staining your laser diode. Use the knob switch on the laser module in order to adjust the focus. Don’t forget to check it every time before you start engraving.

Check the presentation I have for you and see live the whole procedure of unboxing, constructing and working with it. In the video you will simple work as it was just for the presentation. I will give you images of amazing works that can be made with the TwoTrees TTS55 laser engraver.

Check some amazing work….

As you can see you can do some really fantastic artwork with the help of the laser engraver printer TwoTrees TTS55. You can get it from their eshop with 20$ OFF if you use the coupon FB2DHYXA0VKX . Here is the official page for your reference.

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