UA25 Sub-Ohm Tank Review: Comes in 5 Different Colors


Univapo’s new sub-ohm tank comes out with its new lattice material and structure. Which gives you plentiful flavor and brilliant fume. The base wind stream control framework highlighted with a great finished surface. You can feel each tune when turning It. Technology is changing day by day and yet this is the best UA25 Sub-Ohm Tank is here and it comes in five different colors.


UA25 Sub-Ohm Tank is a veritable pioneer. It is the first since everlastingly RDA which maintains both work circles and standard twists on one deck, gives you a most extreme opportunity to create your tank and get a more versatile vaping experience. Its extraordinary deck design furthermore makes it significantly more profitable for cutting twist legs. The design is best it comes in the compact size of 25mm x 38mm. Also, It comes with the material of   Stainless Steel which is tough and rough. There is an E-liquid capacity of  2ml.

UA25 Sub-Ohm Tank


Two breeze current controls open. Additionally, the agitated wrinkle plan of Symba stream tip. It has furthermore flawlessly shielded the developments from moving into the mouth. Moreover, here goes with the UA25 sub-ohm tank.

UA25 Sub-Ohm Tank

Also, It comes with a comparable foe of development spill tip with Symba RDA, the UA25 tank moves one more beyond anyone’s expectations on vaping experiences than its adversaries. Radiant smoke, ample flavor. It’s undeniably what cloud chasers after. The optional delectable twists are set to fulfill your distinctive vaping needs.

UA25 Sub-Ohm Tank

UA25 Sub-Ohm Tank is a cool looking sub-ohm tank that is feasible with an enormous variety of work twists as of now on the vaping market. It is a Chinese based unit, mod, and tank maker that accentuation on giving its customers the best vaping experience. This is cultivated by channeling resources into creation and customer administration.

UA25 Sub-Ohm Tank


UA25 Sub-Ohm Tank is also the foremost RDA and sub-ohm tank from Univapo. Likewise, After including a particular accomplishment the previous three things, most importantly, coordinates its focus toward forefront customers. If you are looking to buy this then you are on the right point to grab this beautiful five color tank. You can easily buy this from Univapo at the very cheapest cost at $32.99.


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