UD2168A 2.4G 4WD Double Sided Stunt RC Car Design, Features, Review (Coupon Inside)


This UD2168A off-road RC racing truggy is equipped with a powerful motor and 4WD independent suspension features high speed and great trafficability. With high-performance tire and shock absorbers that you can steadily move forward and backward, turn left and right.


high torque motors and rechargeable battery to keep you going.Also included are transmitter batteries and instructions. The rims, tires, body, and other parts are made of lightweight, impact resistant, quality materials.soft rubber tires that make it the ultimate r/c rock crawler, able to drive on rocks, dirt, sand, and mud.This rock crawler is fully suspended with oversize long travel shocks and moving chassis parts with a high clearance design so you can drive over large, odd shaped rocks. Its body cover has a high quality, flexible, anti-abuse resistance for all types of terrains for rock crawling,


4 wheel Large shocks propulsion with active suspension for high performance and high quality, flexible, anti-vibration resistance body cover for all types of terrain for rock crawling Includes Monster Rock Crawler, Hi-Capacity Rechargeable battery (Included) for car & Battery charger, Transmitter and 9.6V battery for transmitter, Phillips screwdriver Trigger throttle and steering wheel transmitter, Heavy duty construction and off road tire tread, drives great on rocks, mud, sand and beach! Powerful motors,


So you have two choices. It’s a mean 4X4 that can crawl at any terrain. Under the RC rock crawler chassis, there is a 4W drive powered with a brushed motor.can be bought from rcmoment for $69.99 with coupon code: UD2168A


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