UGREEN HiTune X6 Earbuds – Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds 2021


The modern headphone market is increasingly being captured by wireless models, but there are users who, for quite objective reasons, are in no hurry to take something without a wire. Someone is afraid that it is too expensive, someone simply cannot imagine how to work with headphones of this type. Especially for them and not only the Ugreen HiTune X6 model began to be sold with a noticeable discount, which allows you to get completely wireless headphones for a very reasonable price in order to try a new device for yourself or get a cool gadget for all occasions. HiTune X6 is Ugreen’s newest and most advanced headphone offering rich, powerful sound with emphasis on bass and active noise canceling.


First of all, Bluetooth 5.1, which in addition to offering a strong and stable signal promises significant energy savings. The small battery incorporated in the individual earphones in fact, thanks to the new generation Bluetooth, is able to promise up to 6 hours of continuous listening with a single charge and, in case of emergency, just put them in the case for 10 minutes and get in I change another hour of autonomy for music and phone calls.

Here are 10mm DLC Drivers for producing super deep Bass with clear and loud music sounds. So, you hear natural and authentic crisp sounds for entertainment and calls. The Diamond-Like Carbon drivers are the highlights of these UGREEN HiTune wireless earbuds. You can use the Game Mode for 50ms ultra-low latency when gaming. These new HiTune true wireless earbuds use six microphones with 35dB Hybrid ANC technology. So, you can hear clear and loud sounds when making calls or listening to music. Also, there is 50ms ultra-low latency when Game Mode is functional. The Superbass Enhancement Technology of UGREEN HiTune X6 TWS earbuds enhances audio for music listeners. Plus, the six microphones block 90% of background noises for high-definition and crystal clear voice calls. Moreover, Bluetooth 5.1 keeps the connection stable and seamless.

The case is able to fully recharge them several times, bringing the total autonomy to 26 hours. The complete recharge of the earphones takes an hour and a half while to recharge the case, connecting it to a power supply via the USB-C socket, you need at least two.

The other great innovation is given by the 6 built-in microphones; Comes with RCV 4.0 technology (an acronym for Real Clear Voice) capable of recognizing environmental noises and eliminating them during phone calls; thus offering clear communication even in the noisiest environments. And not only that, but the system also allows you to enable active noise cancellation (ANC) by eliminating up to 90% of external noise (for a maximum of -35 dB), thus offering significant artificial soundproofing.

A big help is certainly given by the in-ear rubbers, which adhere effectively to the walls of the ear (in the package there are various sizes so that you can adapt them according to your ear shape). Furthermore, the latency is very low, around 50 milliseconds, so they can also be used to listen to the sounds of video games playing on the phone, keeping them synchronized with the scenes in progress.

For the rest, they are equipped with 10 mm carbon drivers that promise high sound fidelity; support AAC and SBC audio codecs; are waterproof with IPX5 certification which means; that they can also be used while training outdoors because they are not afraid; neither sweat nor rain and overall (case included) weighs less than 150 grams; so they are also sufficiently light and pocket-sized. They are also very robust because they do not have mechanical parts; the external surface is of the touch type and it is thanks to the touch of the finger; that you can control phone calls and music playback without having to take the phone out of your pocket.

Now we come to the promotion: if you intend to buy UGREEN HiTune X6, at the moment you can find them for sale on Amazon at $69.99 but if you enter the Code: 10HITUNEX6  (Use code and page coupon to get a $21 discount at checkout) in the cart before purchasing you will get a discount, so you pay them $35.99 (with 28%OFF code + 25% coupon in page) . Valid time: 2021.12.18–2022.1.16 PST. On the other hand, they are shipped by Amazon; so the shipping costs are borne by the company and this is; therefore, the final price for the customer.

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