UGREEN USB-C TO USB-C CABLE Pack of 2 Sales on its Official Site For $9.09


The UGreen USB C to USB C Cable 60W is impressive. It delivers power quickly, allowing you to charge your devices rapidly. Whether you’re charging your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra or a MacBook Pro, this cable can charge them efficiently. With a 60W PD charger, you can charge your Samsung phone up to 70% in just 30 minutes, and a 13” MacBook Pro can be fully powered in only 1.5 hours. This feature is incredibly convenient for users who are always on the go and need their devices charged quickly.

In addition to fast charging, the USB C to USB C Cable 60W also provides fast data transfers up to 480Mbps. You can quickly transfer large files, such as movies, music, documents, or your entire photo library, in less than a minute. The USB 2.0 compatibility ensures reliable and efficient data transfer. It’s worth noting that this cable does not support video output or monitor extension, so it’s primarily focused on charging and data transfer functionalities.

One standout feature of the USB C to USB C cable is its humanized 90-degree design. The right-angle connector minimizes strain on the cable, reducing bending stress and extending its lifespan. This design also makes it convenient for various activities like gaming, using apps in portrait mode, watching videos, or reading e-books. It’s a well-thought-out design that adds practicality and versatility to the cable’s usage. It’s important to note the maximum thickness of the phone case allowed is 0.08 inches, so thicker cases may not be compatible.

The cable has been tested to withstand over 10,000 bends and plugs/unplugs, ensuring a longer lifespan compared to standard cables. The built-in laser-welded connectors further enhance its durability, preventing detachment or cable rupture. These features make the USB C to USB C cable a reliable option for everyday use.

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In conclusion, the UGreen USB C to USB C Cable 60W is a high-quality cable that offers fast charging, fast data transfers, a user-friendly 90-degree design, and exceptional durability. It is compatible with many devices and provides efficient charging and data transfer speeds. If you’re in need of a reliable USB-C cable for your devices, the USB C to USB-C Cable 60W is a great choice. Moreover, you can currently get the UGreen USB C to USB C Cable 60W Pack of 2 on its official site for $9.09, which is a fantastic 54.53% discount. Don’t miss out on this offer to get two reliable and versatile cables at an excellent price.


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