Uhans Balance gives us balance in display to body ratio


Uhans Balance will be aiming to balance all the aspects of a phone as you can tell by the name they have chosen. With Uhans newest offering they have taken everything into account so when designing the  device, everything was considered to give the user the smoothest most enjoyable experience at the right price. Uhans Balance model doesnt seem to slot into previous Uhans lineups with series U,H, A , N or S.

So it looks like Uhans have decided to set a brand new course for their newest device. It will be interesting to see how the company defines balance in this device.Uhans has claimed one thing they are focusing on is design and an excellent display to body ratio of the 5.5 inch screen.With a height of 149.6 mm and width of 75.8 mm,are putting on their thinking caps and really doing their maths.IMG_1137

Uhans are working out percentages of the display to body ratios on other devices out there now. Uhans claims they are getting 75 % display to body ration, which is not bad when compared to iPhone 6s with 67,9 % or Nexus 6P with 74 %.These figures don’t really mean anything in today’s mobile market place, but nonetheless it is an interesting fact.We are really curious as to what form the Uhans Balance will take when its ready to hit the shelves.We will update you when Uhans release more details about this new device.


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