Uhans U300 Smartphone Design, Specs, Features, Price,Review and More


Uhans smartphones have been divided into three series, A series, S series and U series, after they release Uhans U100, Uhans U200 in their U series, right now a new Uhans U300 will improve its performance and be unique from other smartphones.


According to the video, the design is similar to Vertu to some extent, but Uhans U300 is still different from them in functions and utility.  Former Mercedes-Benz design was in charge of the device’s design and it shows. combination of sapphire crystal glass, Italian leather and titanium reinforced structure is unique indeed and could give the luxurious feel, but it is quite controversial and polarizing.


As for its hardware, Uhans U300 comes with 5.5 inch FHD IPS screen, powered by MT6750T processor,  RAM 4GB ROM 32GB internal storage, equipped with 13MP rear camera with dual LED flash, supporting fingerprint scanner, NXP audio chip, built in 4750mAh battery with 5V/2A fast charge, it also support IP65 waterproof and run Android6.0 OS, you can check the official video about Uhans U300. We guess this kind of product will sell below $200. Stay tuned.



  1. Very original. This smartphone has a brutal appearance. It’s not like the other smartphones. I would like to know its price accurately. It is very important for me.

  2. Smartphone Uhans U300 perfectly cope with any challenge. He is the power of working with each application. And yet its appearance is different.

  3. Cool in his design. Now these phones have never left. I like the looks brutal. Besides iron and he did so, and pull toys, and other applications.

  4. Uhans U300 is balanced smartphone, in my opinion. It has a nice fresh design and decent performance parameters. A battery capacity of 4750 mAh allows long work without recharging.

  5. This smartphone has a very original design. But it’s not all his benefits. It is also equipped with a battery capacity 4750mAch that will charge it every 2 or more days, depending on the load. You can forget about poverbankah and similar devices.

  6. Have seen that some of obzorschikov measured the capacity, it turned 4650 mAh. It is a good thing, because the divergence from the stated capacity is less than five percent, but this is the norm.

  7. We now know its price. And asking for it $ 199. In principle, it is quite normal, but still could be better processor and deliver for the money.

  8. Now, when it became much more aware of this new product, we can say that the smartphone looks well against the competition. And a good performance and a very capacious battery to 4750 mAh, and the design course at altitude.

  9. interesting smartphone. And the battery is capacious and interesting design. It would be even more powerful processor, and then it would be all the prices were not.

  10. Do not forget about the good security of the smartphone Uhans U300. It has protection against water and dust according to the standard ip65, which means it will not be scary to get with such a smartphone under the rain. In addition, I think that the titanium frame around the screen will be good to protect the smartphone when it falls.

  11. The device looks balanced and has a good design. It seems to me that this smartphone will be quite popular, because it looks individual, but now this is quite a rare phenomenon.

  12. Uhans U300 is a good smartphone. A fairly balanced device at an affordable price, with a premium appearance. Well, its battery is of course just huge.

  13. The smartphone is really stand out for its design, as well as among other manufacturers, and in its lineup. There is a kind of evolution from one to the other smartphone in this company. Well, the filling for him for a budget smartphone is good. Especially there is a lot of memory and the battery is big.

  14. Smartphone with excellent design and quite good characteristics of iron. The processor is a little weak, though, but for everyday work it’s enough for the eyes. Yes, and most of the toys he should draw.

  15. Edward Daniel on

    Very interesting design. Even brutal, more suitable for men. The characteristics in general are not bad, but the processor could be put more efficiently. Although most likely the smartphone is aimed at the average buyer, and the manufacturer simply seeks that the price is acceptable.

  16. Now, when it became much more known about this novelty, we can say that the smartphone looks good against competitors. And good performance, and a very capacious battery of 4750 mAh, and of course the design at the height.

  17. Edward Daniel on

    The premium appearance of this smartphone is not its only feature. He will also be good at coping with any applications and toys. A large amount of memory will allow him to keep a lot of information in it at the same time.

  18. Uhans U300 is an excellent device that has an acceptable price and of course a balanced performance. It also has a large capacity, which allows it to work more than two days without recharging.

  19. The battery is good, it’s a fact. In addition, this smartphone has protection from water, dust and damage. It is certified as a device with ip65 protection, as well as a titanium case perfectly withstand any drop.

  20. Edward Daniel on

    A good balanced smartphone with a unique appearance. I like him. Yes, and a large battery, which allows him a long time to work without recharging.

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