Ulefone UF002 Review: Slim and Portable 10W Fast Wireless Charger For Just $39.99 at CooliCool


Ulefone UF002 is a new generation wireless charger that makes it easy and fast to charge your smartphone. There is protection against overheating and recharging. The standard charge is 5w and Fast charging is 10w.


The design of the charger is sleek and slim, as well as compact, so you can carry it anywhere with you. With it, you can charge your Iphone X. The charger is thin 6.5mm and weighs 85 g. Available in a beautiful soft golden color, as well as a classic black. The non-slip leather surface along with the silicone ring on the bottom keeps your phone securely in place and protects it from accidentally falling off the table. And the solid aluminum alloy frame offers excellent protection against drops, scratches or bumps. In addition, the exquisite leather finish and shiny metal frame also make the loading platform a perfect addition to any desk, nightstand or side table.


Take a look at the LED light and you will clearly know the status of the load. The blue indicator light will remain on during charging and even when charging is complete. And the light will blink to give an alarm if the wireless charging platform works abnormally. This may be due to incorrect phone placement or detection of impurities, abnormal temperature or abnormal voltage. In addition to being in full compliance with international safety standards, the charging platform with multiple integrated protection systems can keep your phone safe during charging. There is no need to worry about any potential safety hazards. You can charge your phone overnight or leave it at your desk all day during work.

Platform wireless charging Qi is compatible with a wide range of devices, including iPhone, Samsung and Android , offering 10 W load power in fast charge mode for phones with support rapid wireless charging, while emitting 5 W in mode standard charge for any device loaded Qi-enabled (Note: for fast load of 10 W, you must use the wall charger Qualcomm 2.0 / 3.0 otherwise, the loading platform will generate 5 W load power.


You can Buy Ulefone UF002 Wireless Charger Fast Charge at the best price on CooliCool at $39.99 and enjoy a standard (5W) or fast (10W) efficient wireless charging thanks to the smart charger chip.


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