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The advantage of the Ultenic T10 Vacuum Cleaner from Ultenic compared to other robots that it comes with an emptying station for your waste. Indeed, the tanks of robot vacuum cleaners are very small, so it is necessary to empty them every day. Here this is not the case with the T10, you will be able to program it and forget it! It will come to empty itself in the station which also acts as a charging station.

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The external structure of Ultenic T10 is made of plastic and has a rubber strip at the front, aimed at protecting the bumper. This robot vacuum cleaner is very compact and practical, as its dimensions are 350 x 350 x 98 mm for a total weight of 3.6 kg. The structure is solid and resistant, while the white color gives a touch of elegance to this smart appliance. The 35.0 x 35.0 x 9.8 cm vacuum and floor mopping robot has a solid finish. Its case convinces in our test with a well thought-out and robust design. The white piano finish looks chic, but it magically attracts dust. Due to the laser navigation tower on the top, the Ultenic T10 is not quite as flat as models without a laser tower. Nevertheless, the vacuum and floor mopping robot fit under all the pieces of furniture in our test apartment and had no problems with obstacles up to 2.2 cm high.


Ultenic T10 mounts an excellent motor capable of offering an excellent suction power that reaches 3000 PA, against the average of the sector which is around 2500. The motor is therefore capable of guaranteeing an effective suction of dust, dirt and debris, even the heaviest ones, and allows us to have perfectly clean and vacuumed floors with a single pass. The very valid motor is flanked by two good brushes . The side brush has the classic shape with 3 rows of bristles that have the task of conveying dirt and dust towards the central area of ​​the robot. At the center of the motor body there is the central brush composed of 3 strips of silicone and 3 strips of bristles that create an excellent system for collecting dust from the floors. The combined work of the brushes and the motor guarantees an excellent collection of dust and dirt from the floor and allows us to have impeccably clean floors with a single pass.


Ultenic T10 can be controlled via an app downloadable on your smartphone, through which you can configure your robot vacuum cleaner according to your needs. You can therefore set different features and functions according to the different rooms, you can record the cleaning phases, and you can obviously proceed with the detailed programming of the same and many other things.


If you live in a big house, the Ultenic T10 would be a good choice as it has an exceptionally long battery life of up to 280 minutes, which is enough to finish cleaning on a single charge. It is also equipped with an intelligent navigation system that allows it to methodically and thoroughly clean your house without missing a single area.


The Ultenic T10 is the manufacturer’s first top model and is superior to the 3 entry-level models. It has a visually appealing design, is well made and impresses with a huge range of functions. The intelligent household helper can be connected to iOS and Android smartphones and controlled manually, via the app, via voice commands, and remote control.

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