UMI Plus vs Oneplus 3 Fingerprint Scanner


Fingerprint scanner has become the inevitable feature for a smartphone now. If your smartphone doesn’t support fingerprint scanner, you may use an old one now. Now more and more manufacturers start to design the fingerprint scanner on its home button, of course, some set it up on the side of the phone instead of home button. We have compared  the VKworld T1 Plus with iPhone 6s a few days ago, now the other flagship smartphone, UMI Plus has also been compared with Oneplus 3 in fingerprint scanner on their home button.


And that’s exactly the case with the new UMI Plus, because the Home serves dual purpose, first as a scanner and secondary as a normal physical button, so long press will bring the app list while short press returns you to the main home screen. We can watch the video to check UMI Plus supports the fast unlocking speed to 0.1s. And UMI has also supports some encryption chip to keep your phone safe.


Recently, fingerprint scanner can not only support unlocking the phone but also protect our privacy about phone’s data, like UMI Plus showing. Of course Oneplus 3 also has as fast as unlocking speed in its fingerprint scanner. But UMI Plus sells cheaper than Oneplus 3. If you are looking for a high-end smartphone with affordable price, UMI Plus can be a great choice.

Compare the UMI Plus price from the following stores:
Efox– UMI Plus at €185.99
Chinavasion– UMI Plus at $209.99
Gearbest–UMI Plus  at $179.99 by using Coupon code:  UMIPlus 


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