UMi releases 3rd OTA update for UMi Super


Battery life is a big thing consumers look for nowadays when searching for their ideal device. This has in turn led phone makers to develop larger battery capacities, Fast charge as well as energy efficient processors.The UMi Super capitalized on this ‘consumer wish’ when released. as it came with a 4,000mAh battery capacity and fast charge technology. UMi have just released its 3rd OTA update for its flagship UMi Super to ensure its device runs at peak operational performance.Untitled-1 The 3rd OTA update brings with it some interesting enhancements that bring a new level of energy saving enhancements, and gives you a lot more control over how your battery energy is used. Some enhancements are Intelligent- Lets your device automatically handle functioning. Marath – ultra saving mode, basically turns your screen black and white and only functions available are making/receiving calls and messages so as to maximize the juice you have left.

There is also the ability to customize all these functions with ‘My Mode’, the update also comes with ‘sleep mode’ and ‘battery saver mode’. There are also some optimizations to the camera ,such as faster auto focus and performance in low light.The GPS also comes with optimizes the GPS accuracy. The UMi Super OTA is available now so check it out. Let us know in the comments how everything goes.Untitled-2



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