UMI Super comes with Snapdragon 820 SoC & 6GB RAM , 4000mAh, Quick charging, 3D fingerprint


UMI is not only committed to promoting UMI Touch X smartphone, but also has leaked the latest model about UMI Super. In terms of its name, ‘Super’ means amazing, different, and brilliant. So how about UMI Super? It will also give us powerful and nice impression?  Let’s know more about the new model, UMI Super.


According to UMI official facebook, UMI Super will be the first with RAM 6GB and powered by Snapdragon 820 SOC smartphone. Meanwhile, it can support USB Type C port to charge the phone. From the internal storage and CPU, it has shocked us that RAM 4GB has not been popular on the market, RAM 6GB smartphone will grab more market share. You will choose RAM 6GB one first.

Besides, it will sport AMOLED display to offer superior screen quality. And it is able to built in 4000mAh battery to support quick charging. We will enjoy Enjoy big battery capacity as well as the speed from UMi Super quick charging technology.

UMI Super has kept pace with the current trend to support 3D fingerprint. It shows premium powerful and fast function compared with other models.

According to the official, it will bring more surprise for us, just stay tuned with us. And you probably wonder the final price of UMI Super? Will it beat Oneplus 3 or Xiaomi MI5 over $300?


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