UMi Super Edge will be under $250 flagship


Hot on the heals of the success of the UMi Super, Uni intend to keep this series alive by releasing a new device called UMi Super Edge.  The rumors that are circulating about the UMi Super Edge say that UMi are preparing a device with a bezel-less 5.5 screen.The UMi Super Edge offering a display which will be laid from edge to edge and curved at the ends. Rather than being curved we think it may be bezel less. The UMi Super Edge will hit the market at under the $250 price.UMi-Super-Edge-1024x576

As for the performance of UMi Super Edge, we think it will come with a more powerful processor than UMi Super. after all it will have to come with specs that are better the the first phone. It is expected to be released around August,when existing prices for high-end SoCs see a price drop. There is only speculation so far but we hope that UMi throw in a few options for users to customize, so owners can take full advantage of the bezel-less screen.We are hoping details about the device are released soon and rest assured we will let you know as soon as they are.


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